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Impulse101 shares photos of the TM LCP pistol

by Arnie

Impulse101 have posted photos of the new Tokyo Marui LCP 380 NBB pistol. Here you can see it in all it’s glory and head on over to their shop to pick it up.

● Slim Silhouette : The proper forms and compactness of the LCP have been replicated as possible on this gas Non BlowBack (NBB) version. 

● One Trigger Pull Action : Being a NBB (Non BlowBack) replica the LCP operates by only pulling the trigger (double action). This action will chamber a BB and liberate gas in order to expel the BB through the barrel.

● Long Range : Despite its compactness, short inner barrel (66mm) and relatively low velocity, the LCP performs great wits its fixed hop up system using Marui’s legendary hop bucking.

● Silent Mechanism : The LCP operates very silently. It makes it a perfect gun for survival games (airsoft skirmishes) or even speed shooting games.

● Metallic Mechanism : The internals are mostly metal for better longevity. It adds weight to the replica for a more satisfying handling.

● Diecast Magazine : The 10 rounds spare magazine is made out of diecast metal for better resistance to cold weather and better gas efficiency.


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