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G&G Airsoft New User Guide

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G&G have shared an article aimed at new airsoft players:

So you took a big step and purchased your first airsoft gun. What’s next? There is more to an airsoft replica than pulling the trigger, and I am here to nudge you in the right direction.There are many types of Airsoft guns, but for this first article I will focus on the most common: the Automatic Electric Gun, or AEG.

What is an AEG?

AEG stands for Automatic Electric Gun, which really just means “battery operated.” With a single trigger pull, there are many components at play. The breakdown of a single shot is simple: when the TRIGGER is pulled, it draws power from the BATTERY, rotates the MOTOR, spins a set of 3 GEARS, pulls back and releases a PISTON, sends the compressed air to the HOP-UP UNIT, which pushes the BB down the INNER BARREL and towards the enemy. Of course, there are additional parts, but this is the simplest breakdown to create a good foundation.

G&G Armament CM16 SRL Black

Don’t worry about the details. All you need to worry about at this very moment are the HOP-UP, BATTERY, and BBs.

HOP-UP: What is Hop Up, Why is it Important, and How do I Adjust it?

Hop-Up is what sets Airsoft apart from any precision projectile sport. The concept is simple: there is a rubber BUCKING that puts pressure on the BB. As the air passes through, The BB is dislodged and the friction from the bucking creates a backspin. The amount of backspin will control the arc of the BB’s flight. The more pressure, the more backspin, the more upward curve of the BB. (If you want more details on the theory behind this, look up the Magnus Effect. It deals with the effects of a spinning object as it passes through a fluid.)

Hop Up and BB Flight Path

All modern Airsoft AEGs have an adjustable hop up. This can be changed in the HOP UP UNIT, which holds the BUCKING, INNER BARREL, and other components. HOP UP UNITS come in many shapes and sizes with different ways to change the level of “hop.” There are dials, sliders, screws, wheels, and more. For now, we will focus on the most common ones we make that use a form of rotating wheel. These are accessed under the dust cover on the upper right side of your AEG. Some can be manually flipped open, or while others require the charging handle to be pulled.

We have two types, shown above. The first is the grey standard hop up unit used in many of our intro-level CM16 Combat Machines, such as the Raiders, Carbines, MOD0/1, R8-L, and more. The green adjustment wheel is located on the side. To increase the hop, simply rotate clockwise (when looking from the right).

The second one is the black rotary-style hop up unit. This is becoming our most used hop-up unit type. To increase hop, rotate counterclockwise (when looking from the back). Another way to look at it is when looking from the right side, push the hop-up dial up to increase hop.

Hop Up Dial Direction: “Hop” Increases, “Normal” Lowers.

Now that you know how to adjust, we will discuss to what end. The first step is to see if your AEG is arcing shots. Try to have more space in front of you than you expect to shoot. 50 feet is more than enough, but 20 feet works fine as well. Of course, use proper eye protection and be mindful of your surroundings as ricochets will happen. For your first shot, observe the flight path of the BBs and adjust accordingly. If it swings low, increases hop; swings up, lower hop. What you want in the end is a straight, smooth line. If you are having trouble seeing the arc of the BB, one trick is to raise the AEG higher so the barrel is parallel with your line of sight. Once you are shooting lasers, you are done setting the hop-up!

Batteries: The Powerhouse of the AEG

Not all batteries are the same, nor should they be treated the same. They all serve the same purpose to power the motor but do so in their own way, each having its own advantages and disadvantages. For this article, I will cover the two main battery types: NiMH and Li-Po.

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

If you have seen rechargeable AA or AAA batteries, these are similar and have been the standard in Airsoft for many years. They are quite durable, hold charge well, and are one of the safest to handle. If they were to have a drawback, it would be their limited power.
Though they are just as viable as the day they were introduced, as technology and demands changed, there was a need for more powerful batteries. This came in the form of Li-Pos.

Lithium Polymer (Li-Po)

Li-Po batteries have been very popular in the RC and drone world for how fast they can deliver power. Their introduction into Airsoft has created a shift to what Airsoft replicas are capable of achieving in terms of performance. With this said, the biggest drawback to Li-Po batteries is how volatile they can become if not used properly. They must be charged with a special charger that will balance the voltages in each cell. They cannot drop below a certain voltage level. If any of this happens, the battery will begin to swell and look puffy. DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT pierce the packaging. It will not release gas, it will cause a huge flame to erupt that will be difficult to contain.

It is recommended to use Li-Po batteries only on Airsoft guns that have a MOSFET installed. They have a low battery detection that will shut off the replica when the battery drops below a certain level. To see if your G&G AEG has a MOSFET installed, check the wiring about 4 inches from the battery plug. If there is an electronic circuit board (red, yellow, or blue) then you are in luck and Li-Po ready! If not, it is best to stay with NiMH but consider upgrading at some point to increase your AEGs potential.

BBs: What Airsoft Guns Crave

Your choice in BBs is one of the most important decisions you can make in this sport. The golden rule for your new AEG is to BUY QUALITY BBs. Look for smooth, premium BBs. You can tell by just looking at them. They should be polished smooth with no bubbles or inconsistency in texture. ANY BB that is semi-transparent, brightly colored, or under 0.20 gram in weight should absolutely be avoided. Failure to do this will cause damage to almost every aspect of your brand new AEG. The BBs will shatter, causing jamming, scratches, and will ultimately break your replica. In addition, do not use BBs that have already been used or have been sitting on the floor. The dirt on them will cause jamming and accuracy issues.

Over 99% of Airsoft BBs come in one shape and size—6mm spheres. How they differ is determined by weight and material. As stated before, the lowest weight you should use is 0.20 grams, but weights can go up as high as 0.40 grams. Lower weight BBs use less dense material and as a result tend to be cheaper, whereas higher weighted BBs benefit in outdoor applications as they are harder for the wind to push off course. Most BBs come looking polished and white, but material composition can change more than just color. They can even be infused with a glow-in-the-dark material, and when paired with a tracer unit (sold separately), shine streaks of light across the field. Playing outdoors? BBs made out of PLA add a biodegradable element to reduce your environmental impact as you play. At the end of the day, choosing the right BB for you can be just as important as the gear you wear.

G&G Armament UVT-106 2.0 Tracer Unit


Now that you have been briefed you are ready to set up your new AEG! With proper setup and maintenance, your new AEG will last you a long time. If for any reason your G&G AEG breaks down or starts to make strange sounds, feel free to contact us at support@guay2.com for international support or rma@101techcorp.com for North American support. Every G&G airsoft gun comes with a warranty beginning the day of purchase. CM and GC level AEGs have a 90-day warranty, and GT and TR level AEGs have a whopping 13-month warranty. They cover any manufacturing issues that may occur, but will not cover any issues caused by misuse. So fear not! Go out, sling some BBs, and spread all the info you learned!


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