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S&T ST46D 10RS SMR Sports Line G3 AEG

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Smart Team have shared details of their S&T ST46D 10RS SMR Sports Line G3 AEG:

S&T ST46D 10RS SMR Sports Line G3 AEG

Ref Code: STAEG398SBBK

416 is a modern airsoft gun, many aficionados own one. now, we released a lighter and more affordable version. The sports line can achieve both economic and flexibility with our newest G3 gearbox.

A single shot can achieve a super-class value effect with G3 ECU clips. Improved QDspring system which makes it even easier to swap to different power without disassembly. The inline MOSFET features over-discharge protection and the electric trigger features a magnetic sensor for improved responsiveness.

416 SMR MK8 Style 9.5” (Metal Rail) with M-LOK SystemCrane Stock with QD Mount

10.4” Outer Barrel  S&T ST46D 10RS Sports line AEG with Crane Buttstock(STAEG398CBK)

416 Standard 9’ Rail Guard System (Nylon fiber), Foldables Sights

Specification Highlight

Body Material: Nylon fiber
Magazine: 350rds
Fire Mode : Full-Auto / Semi-auto
Hop Up: Adjustable
Plug Type (Tamiya) : Small Tamiya
Gearbox: M4 Version 2 G3 ECU Gearbox
Gearbox Specification:

(1) S&T Gen 3 Lipo-ready Gearbox with Micro-switch Trigger
(2) Electric trigger system by using a magnetic sensor(3) Compatible 7.4v/11.1v battery with Over-discharge protection
(4) Steel Toothed Piston Rack with Quick Spring Change Design
(5) Integrated MOSFET for improved power usage, motor performance, and trigger response
(6) 8mm oilless metal and sector gear
(7) 8mm bearing for bevel gear
(8) Compatible high power and speed motor

Smart Team

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