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S&T Type 38 Spring Carbine

by News Fairy

Smart Team have shared details of their new S&T Type 38 Spring Carbine:

S&T Type 38 Spring Carbine

Ref Code: STSPG14C

Type 38 Spring Carbine(三八式騎銃)is a short-barreled version of the Japanese manual rifle. Even if the length is shortened by 306mm, the accuracy is not affected much.

The Japanese cavalry used it during World War II, also widely used by the second line troops such as engineers, artillery transport troops, signalers, aviation, and other base guard units.

The S&T Spring Carbine has the same length, convenience, and accuracy as Bolt Action Airsoft.

S&T is as stable as the WW2 series of VSR like systems.

Imperial chrysanthemum marking on the receiver

Short 2000m Adjustable rear sight

Small 20 round capacity magazine (Specified For Type 38 Spring Carbine)

The gun strap is buckled on the side for easy riding and back placement

Item Code: STSPG14C
Color: Wood/Metal
Length: 972mm
Weight: 3260g
Magazine Capacity: 20 rounds (Type 38 Spring Carbine)
Fire Modes: Single Shot, Safety
Hop Up: Yes/Adjustable
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine

Smart Team

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