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by Arnie

Leo from Sterling Services has been in touch to update everyone on a new event due to run at Copehill Downs in August:

Stirling Services will be hosting our biggest game of the year at Copehill Down Village on Salisbury Plain on the 19th and 20th of August. The weekend is part of our ongoing real-time AOW storyline of nearly three years and the outcome and direction of the story is down to those who attend. The whole town is booked as well as the shanty town.

This time we are back into Africa, Chad is still attempting to address the issues that led to Op Condor last year and continual unrest has meant that a joint UK/US task force is on standby for insertion to theatre to prevent further destabilisation.

LOCATION: N’djamena, Chad, Africa.


UK/US Task Force- To return N’djamena to Government control and keep the infrastructure intact.

African Militia- Unite forces to remove current Government and establish control within the city.

PSD Operators- To complete contract successfully.


UK/US Forces- 2nd Battalion PWRR, UKSF elements from 22 SAS and SRR, 3 Brigade Combat team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), USSF elemets from 1st SFOD and support from CIA Special Activities Division. Any UK or US desert camouflage, no mix or match as units will stay together in national camouflage.

African Militia- Mix of gangs and militias put into family units that have set houses within the city. Any mix of camouflage or civvies other than desert.

PSD Operators- Defense Corps (US). Civilian contractor clothing only, PLACES FULL.

Stirling’s play is as full on as you can get before you get into milsim, we play all the way through from mid morning on the Saturday for 24 hours, there are safe areas you can sleep in if you wish, but you can also play through or stag on in the town.

The town will be split into 4 zones, one will be the GREEN ZONE, safe for allied forces and another will be unsafe for the allies- the shanty town. the other two zones are fair game for either side.

Each African family will have a set house, they can store ammo and weapons in it as long as it is not in the GREEN ZONE, rules of engagement apply in this area and armed militia will be shot. Any breach of these ROE by Allies though will mean a trip to regen.

Places are going fast, £75 per person, with a £35 deposit and booking form that can be found in our forum – Sterling Services Forum (based on ASCUK)


Any questions can be answered in our forum or emailed to: matt@stirlingservices.com or leo@stirlingservices.com Leo Mansell (Sterling Services)

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