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Ash Bash 2006 update

by Arnie

Pat has sent in a small update about the 2006 AshBash (Airsoft Hawaii Birthday Bash), here’s the latest:

We envision the ASH BASH as a community event, which allows representatives of the industry and the airsoft community to get together, have fun, and play the game we all love.

In the last four years, we have seen the ASH BASH grow from a small, strictly local event, to one with hundreds of players and even industry representatives coming to the event.

I am happy to say that the 2006 ASH BASH, presented by Redwolf Airsoft, will be featured in an upcoming issue of ARMS Magazine.

Some of the special guests flying in to attend this year’s event are:

  • Paul Chu of Redwolf Airsoft
  • Blake Abe of Airsoft Hawaii
  • Tyler and Grant Woo of Impact Games
  • Shane Silva of Echigoya
  • and, finally, Tokyo Marui will be sending down two representatives

Also, if you are going to have a booth at the event, please be sure to let me know who the workers are so we don’t charge them. Pat, (ASH)

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