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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: May 3, 2015

by Arnie
  • Airsoft Warfare Section8, Scotland HD
    At Section8 the players love Pyro, so we use a lot of smoke bombs, grenades & flash bangs usually it’s made by Enola Gay. A short but sweet video.
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  • Backyard Review: Snow Wolf Barrett Airsoft Sniper Rifle -ASTKilo23-
    I’m trying to get back to my backyard review series with the nicer weather that’s been rolling around. First up is the Snow Wolf Barrett. Enjoy!
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  • Thumper on the Bumper – Airsoft and MilSim News and Comment
    It’s time to catch up on the latest headlines, events and what’s happening across the USA for Airsoft and Milsim with THUMPY! Sparky the WonderJeep is getting armored up, big events are happening this weekend…and we wrap up the GI Tactical Virginia 2nd Anniversary Trip with more videos.

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    Lion Claws Events: http://www.oplionclaws.com/
    Ballahack Airsoft: http://www.ballahackairsoft.com/

    THUMPER ON THE BUMPER, a news and comments vlog to get you up-to-date on Airsoft and MilSim in the USA and around the world.

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  • ZShot Inc. "Love the Game" Mini Series — Ep.01, Let’s Ride!
    We love airsoft. And in this mini series we will explore ways we can play and love the sport even more. Subscribe to stay updated!
  • First Light USA ShotShow 2015
    First Light USA gives an overview of both their classics and their latest tactical flashlight products: http://www.firstlight-usa.com/
    Brought to you by: http://milspecmonkey.com
  • Intial Testing of the TBB & TGL .308 Collaboration Build
    www.YoungGunsTV.com is live. Still Beta testing, but anyone can join!

    The table and chair were in Mud. And the damn Bipod is a piece of JUNK.. I only use the Bipod for pictures, but didnt have anything else available. The table and chair were sinking under my fat ass the entire time. Please stay tuned for the actual precision shooting test

    This build is inspired by Bill and Mike from Teal Blue Bravo LLC and Brought to you by TheGearlocker.net…

    Aero Precision
    Midwest Industries
    Faxon Firearms

    Stay Tuned for the full Video Overview of the build.. Coming Soon!

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  • JRAK ATEI licensed Costa signature pistol debut
    JRAK ATEI licensed Costa signature pistol debut. It’s manufactured by RA TECH, and replicated Costa logo and ATEI trade mark.
    kick hard but smooth, great gbb pistol!
  • RA TECH custom G17 LV2 debut
    RA TECH release a new custom option for you! G17 LV2 debut now! upgrade items as follow, steel slide, steel outer barrel,magwell,fram,steel sights,reinforced spring guide tube and spring, steel hammer, and steel trigger set.
  • ZShot/Ares/Amoeba at GI Tactical Virginia – Thumpy Airsoft News
    Great interview with our buddy Wallace Lau from ZShot at the GI Tactical Virginia 2nd year anniversary event. One of the true innovators in American airsoft, Wallace give us updates on new products on the way, new licenses and those amazing Amoeba guns…plus a state-of-the-business update, too!

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  • How to install the Spectre RDP threaded barrel
    Here is a quick and easy video of how to install the new threaded barrel set for your RDP!

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  • Bravo Airsoft P10 and P15 Flashlight/Laser – AirSplat On Demand
    BRAVO Airsoft P10 Flashlight and Red Laser Black – $29.99

    BRAVO Airsoft P10 Flashlight and Red Laser FDE – $29.99

    – Approximately 70 Lumen Output
    – Plastic Construction
    – Individually Controlled Laser and Light
    – 6 LR44 Batteries Required (NOT Included)

    BRAVO Airsoft P15 Flashlight and Green Laser Black – $59.99

    BRAVO Airsoft P15 Flashlight and Green Laser FDE – $59.99

    – Approximately 280 Lumen Output
    – Plastic Construction
    – Momentary, Constant On, and Strobe modes
    – Pressure Pad Included
    – 2 CR123 Batteries Required (NOT Included)

  • Jack Bauer’s Pistol – Tokyo Marui Universal Self-Loading Pistol – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    If you’re a fan of Airsoft and you’re watching a TV Series like 24, you can’t help but look at the gun he uses most of the time, which is why you’ll instantly recognize the Universal Self-Loading Pistol Compact. Tim now has a chance to see what it’s like to be Jack Bauer himself, rescuing Quake from the evil clutches of an unknown enemy and eventually finding time to review it.

    Link to the Tokyo Marui Pistol:


    Link to review of MilSim CQB & Training Center: