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Platoon Stores @UCAP Sandpit

by News Fairy

Platoon Stores will be back at the Sandpit this weekend:


Our giveaway event at the UCAP Sandpit last month attracted over 200 players all got a free 5.11 hat on sign in with a Platoon Discount code inside it.


For those of you choosing to play at the Sandpit this Sunday, Platoon Stores will be there with loads of BB’s, Pyro, Eye pro, batteries, chargers, optics, guns, clothing, rigs, pouches, belts, bags and anything else we can squeeze in the van. Looking forward to another great day. Don’t forget if you want team deals on the BB’s let us know before and we can have them ready. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Team deals 2

(Platoon Stores)

On this day..

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