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A2 weekend update

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Here is al the latest stock news from A2 Supplies:

New Stock!
Another week, another batch of shiny new stock! Ever feel like its time to move away from the Standard M4/AR? Thinking of switching to something a little different? We might have something for you! We have a new line of CYMA AEGs perfect for hose of you after a change!


Thinking of playing outdoors? Want to try your hand with a DMR style rifle? Prefer something a bit classic…? We bring to you the CYMA M14 and M14 DMR variant with Faux Wood furniture:


The CYMA M14 range is a fantastic AEG platform better suited for use outdoors thanks to its long barrel and overall length! Perfect for those who prefer the look of a classic battle rifle,who needs Magpul when you’ve got wood..? (Or Faux Wood) The M14 from CYMA features a full metal upper receiver with you guessed it! A Faux Wood ABS Stock (Wood kits are available!) Feeding from detachable 400 round Magazines this weapon fires in both Semi and Fully automatic! All its missing is an optic mounted on top and you’re good to go!

A lesser known variant of the Cyma M14 is the DMR variant which models itself after the Real Steel M14E2. The DMR variant features the same Faux wood stock however this one swaps out the classic Swan neck grip in favour of a vertical pistol grip. Alongside this it also sports a cheek riser on the stock itself which can be adjusted to suit the users preference and keep the eye in line with the sights/optic.

CYMA M14 2


Perhaps a 7.62 Battle rifle is a bit too long for you CQB fanatics? So how about an iconic 9mm Submachine Gun chambered in 6mm caseless? That’s Right! The MP5:


Continuing with our CYMA Spree we bring you the MP5A4 RIS Variant! For those looking for a tactical sub machine gun CYMA have you covered! Featuring a Full metal upper receiver and a Polymer lower receiver & solid stock just like the real thing, this AEG comes equipped with a tri-railed front end which is perfect for the attachment of accessories such as foregrips, flashlights, lasers and anything else you might need! (Did someone say… Grenade Launcher..?)

Ok, so maybe the rails are a bit much? Some things are better left untouched, which is why we’ve brought in two fantastic AEGs from Classic Army – the Proline MP5a3 Lighted and the MP5K! Two stunning high quality replicas with fantastic weight and build quality, with high quality Classic Army Internals; these guns mean business!


The CA MP5A3 Lighted takes us back to a time before picatinny rails where 9mm Sub guns where a big player in Police forces worldwide! This AEG replica captures one of the best looks for an MP5A3; Equipped with a Weapon light Handguard, perfect for room clearing and dark corners, this weapon is truly badass. With a built in pressure switch up front, simply squeeze one hand for the light, and the other hand for the trigger! Simple! If you’re thinking of doing a Police or Old School SWAT loadout then this is the weapon for you!

The CA MP5K is the iconic "Kurz" (Short) variant, with no stock whatsoever it is perfect for those CQB games in tight spaces. Commonly used as a secondary weapon on a single point sling, it can even be used one handed like a giant machine pistol! Still sporting the high quality full metal & Polymer construction, the MP5K can also fire in both Semi and Fully Automatic.

Feel like its time for a change? Time to sell that Boring old M4 and check out these exotic weapons and many more over on our website! www.a2supplies.co.uk

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