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Retail or commercial requests

by Arnie

One of the goals for this site is to get information from the companies that supply the gear and resources to the end-user. In light of this we’ll do all we can to help any commercial entity. We are happy to deal with companies that deal in fringe products that may not directly relate to Airsoft as well.

Banner space? We keep the number of banners to a level that we are happy with. We are happy to receive requests for banner space, and if there’s no room we will keep your request on file. There is a charge for banner space. Any and all monies donated go directly towards the bill for this server lease, services we pay for and towards other site costs.

Resources available to companies: The following resources are available to companies looking to get their information out to potential customers:

  • dedicated forum sections
  • news updates on the news pages
  • dedicated banners for event advertising on the front page

In general if it’s reasonable and we can accomodate your request we will do all that we can to help.

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