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3 Point Sling – HowTo

by Arnie

“How to build
a 3 point sling”
by Niall Orr

This article
is to describe the simple 3 point sling I made for my MP5-PDW.

The sling
is made from the following:

1) – 2
metre length of 20mm wide black webbing.
2) – 1 Pair of Small Buckles
3) – 1 Pair of Ladderlock Buckles
4) – 1 Pair of Side Release Buckles
All of these parts can be obtained from B & Q at a cost of just under

First trim
the ends with a pair of sharp scissors, then run a hot soldering iron (an
old knife blade heated in a candle flame would do) over the cut ends to
seal them and prevent fraying. This heat sealing operation should be done
outside or in a well ventilated garage.

Take one
of the small buckles and loop one end of the webbing through the centre
of the buckle. Fold the webbing back on its self and sew the 2 parts together.

the other end of the webbing into the top of the side release buckle(The
part with the spring catches), then loop this back through the small buckle
already fitted to the webbing, to form a loop. This loop should be about
20 to 30cm in length.

Take the
webbing and thread on one of the ladderlock buckles and then thread through
the rear sling swivel on the gun and back through the buckle.

Take the
second small buckle and thread the webbing through it, then thread through
the second part of the side release buckle and back through the small buckle.

loop the end of the webbing through the second ladderlock buckle, so that
the webbing locks in place. Drill a hole in the curved end of this buckle
so that a keyring can be used to join the buckle to the front sling swivel.

Once fitted
to the gun adjust the length of webbing between the front and rear sling
swivels and between
the first buckle and the side release buckle so that the gun sits comfortably
across the body when not carried in the hands and can still be brought to
the shoulder to fire.

The same
sling could be used on any MP5 or Uzi and a longer version on the Famas
Super Version, AK47, G3 or Steyr AUG, The M3 and Spas 12 shotguns and for
the Famas F1 if a front sling mount is made.

To use
this sling design on the M4A1 I would fit a loop of webbing through the
sling mount on the stock and fit the sling to this loop and loop the front
of the sling directly into the front swivel mount.




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