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Click here to visit GunWorxUpdate
G3k complete!
We’ve been desparate to build such an item for ages, but haven’t
had the time to get hold of some of the component parts (yet). Well AndyR
has had the time, energy and the effort to design and build his own version
of this gorgeous replica (seen to the right).

Checkout GremlinGunworx
for the latest on his newest published project, including some gorgeous photos
and truly ingenius bodging. You can find more about it on the GunWorx
page, and their G3k

Update 24/11/2000:
I found an image on SecurityArms.com
of a similar weapon, the HKG53k, that is based more on the MP5 receiver, but
using a 5.56 calibre (I assume), thus it looks a lot like the above image.

Update 25/04/2001:A
friend, Matthew (aka “Mobius Strip”), who read the website
was kind enough to send me some photos that he had taken of a magazine
article that covered this very project.

The 3 photos that
I have been sent are very interesting. You can see the raw images ot
the left if you are interested. (they are large images)

Photo1 Photo2 Photo3


Someone reminded me where the image below is from (I’d forgotten ages ago).
I originally found it on a photo page on RedWolf
, and the owner is listed as someone by the name of “LTS”
in HongKong.


Two different people emailed me, on the same day with a link to some more
images of the LTS conversion over at WaregameClub
(thanks guys). I have added the link below.

I was looking for details to create a handy SMG,
as a backup. As an SG1 owner it makes sense to use a G3 receiver, as you
can use the same magazines and accessories. While trawling the net in
search of ideas I came across this image to the right. I’m not interested
in the Red-Dot sight, as I see it as rather pointless on a barrel length
of that size.

This started me doing
a bit of research into the possibilities of producing this replica from
spare parts.

If this is your
photo, please get in contact with me (especially if you would like
me to take it off the site).

The first concept image I ever came across
This image is of a
replica owned by a fellow by the name of LTS in HongKong.

The kind of
information I am constantly looking for is where to get the parts for
the conversion, and the kind of machining and work that needs to be done (preferably
from anyone who has attempted a similar project). Photos, weblinks and other
information is gratefully accepted. If you have any such information, please
get in contact with me. Arnie

Click here to visit 'The Q-Project' website The
‘lazy’ solution:
I did get a quote for a pre-built (built-to-order)
model from The Q-Project

custom $410
MC51K whole metal body custom $555

Of course, these quotes
were only current as of 24/11/2000, so the current price may change, up
or down.

‘professional’ solution:
It stands to reason that the more professional solution
if you have the time, energy, knowledge and inclination, is to build it
yourself. An airsoft colleague was kind enough to send me three photos
of a magazine article.

Curiously enough the
article calls it a ‘G3-k’, I didn’t call this project that here, for the
reason that there is a custom airsoft ‘G3K’ floating around (I think RedWolf/Dentrinity
make one), which is basically an SG1 with a folding stock. MC51k emphasises
the small compact carry nature of the replica. If there are any H&K
professionals out there I’m sure they will email me, and correct me with
the properly determined HK model name.

As I mentioned before
this photo set shows some interesting features, and illustrates how a
few of the issues with this project have been overcome.

Click here to see a larger image of the article

With the G3 stock and MC51/A3 foregrip removed there isn’t a great deal
of room for a battery. What you can do, is mill out the top of the G3 receiver,
and remove the cocking handle tube. You can then use the freed up space to fit
an AK style stick battery, much like the MP5k. To get to the hop-up you will
then need to pry the ‘shell-eject’ cover back manually with your fingernail.

In the project shown in
this article, the gunsmith has come up with a cunning solution, that maybe
one day TokyoMarui will take up in their models. The magazines contain a battery,
and battery connectors have been fitted to the top of the flip-up catch that
covers the bb feeding hole (please note image #3, and #4 below).

Parts of the AEG conversion shown in detail, includign the battery connection and the front and back end.
1.Custom outerbarrel and cocking tube. 2. New custom endcap
3.Extended mag with encapsulated battery 4.Battery contacts on battery top,
and receiver

The usefulness of
the ammo and batteries being readily detachable/replaceable are obvious.
Batteries and ammo can be changed as easily as changing a magazine (in
the field). Obviously there can be issues with the electrical contacts
between the top of the magazine and the receiver, but these should be
overcome with careful machining of parts, and shimming to get a
tight fit.

A variation upon the
mag/battery theme is a double mag, with dummy rounds on the top of the
secondary magazine. The battery has been hidden inside the dummy mag,
and the same electrical connectors have been used to connect to the reciever.
This type can be seen in the image to the left.

/ cocking-tube:
Apart from the end-cap (which you can simply
pinch from an MC51, and remove the folding stock from. -If you are feeling
really lazy), the other complex piece of craftsmanship that needs to be
overcome is the front end.

The front hand-grip
is obviously from the TM MP5k, as is the front sight, and the cocking
tube. These need to be modified slightly to fit the G3 reciever. The best
image that show this is the image number 1, from the 4 images
. On the G3 barrel, there is a piece of steel that protrudes
upwards, this has the cocking-tube, and outershell bolted to it by the
matching fitted piece attached to the upper part that contains the foresight
(I hope that sounds clear, but if not, have a look at the images here,
and it should become obvious). To the best of my knowledge the MP5k doesn’t
have such a fitting on the standard parts, so this will have to be carefully
machined up. It’s also worth noting that the reciever has been cut back
to allow for a longer pull onthe cokcing handle.

You can get the G3
endcap, and a variety of spare parts from RedWolf’s accessory page.
These parts are mostly made by Classic Army, so if you are in the UK,
you should be able to order them from your local supplier (with a bit
of luck). If you are in the UK, your best bet is to try AirsoftDynamics.


it started?
I still haven’t got round to starting this project
myself, my personal aim is to start the job in the summer when I have some free
time and cash to source the parts (I’ll probably need most of the parts from
an TM MC51, and an TM MP5k). Until then all the information here is sourced
from images and conversations with other people via email, so you’ll have to
forgive me if any of the info here is incorrect or not detailed enough.




and Koch: Firearm Numbering Systems

lists a lot of H&K models with images and parts diagrams

– Umm.. it’s in Japanese and it’s got an image of an airsoft G3k =)

‘Myguns’ page
– this page has more image’s of the LTS MC51k, so I
assume that LTS is a member there

the only documented and
complete G3-Kurtz conversion out there. Nice one Andy!

Except where
listed, all contents are copyright 2001 ArniesAirsoft


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