Painting 101

Painting 101
By WhiteFeather

Alright it seems that a majority of the users that are active in the “Pictures of your airsoft gun” enjoy the paint jobs that I do on my personal weapons of choice and those that I have done for friends. So here it is my hints and tips just for you.

The first thing you want to do when you paint a gun is to wipe it down and get all that dirt and crud off of the receiver and inside those tight areas. I never take the gun apart leave everything that you want painted on the gun unless it’s a scope or battery box those get painted in a different order. First you must find a sturdy box that you can balance the gun in so that it sits up right (2). After you have accomplished that you can begin painting. The first color you want to use should be a light color. I personally use Krylons Khaki. You can always make things darker, but it’s harder to reverse that. Lightly ghost the black with the khaki so that you can still see a hint of black (3). Let it dry for about 15 minutes and repeat that until you don’t see any more black. Once you have applied the khaki is should look like so.

Now that you have finished the hardest part it’s a breeze from here on out. Just make sure that you didn’t get any drips or runny areas on the gun. When I use OD and Brown, I tend to use OD first, like I said you can always make things darker so OD is the smarter color to start with. I never really have a planned design its all free hand. You choose what direction you want your colors to move, but it’s best to get them flowing in the same direction as the vegetations growth. Lightly add OD in the areas that you find fit.

Once you start don’t stop, just keep your hand moving until you finish that line, and then continue it onto the other side but not in the same exact motion. I like to start at the receiver and work my way forward (4). Once you have finished with the OD grab your self a drink of choice and let it dry, by the time you finish your drink it’s time to move onto the next color.

Congratulations you are almost done; you’re on the home stretch just the Brown remains. Since brown is the darker color of the three you don’t need as much, you should have more OD and a fair amount of Khaki. Unlike the OD with brown I start at the butt stock adding little amounts near the back.

Once you get into an area with OD I try to get it as close to the OD so that it blends (8). Give yourself a hand you just painted your first AEG/Sniper Rifle or what ever you tend to put this walk through to use on.

Here is how I did it with just a desert paint job, same as always just add khaki first then brown starting at the stock and working my way forward.

All rifles are painted with Krylon Ultra Flat camouflage paints that can be found at your local hardware store. For the US Krylon can be found at ACE Hardware for $4.99 a can, UK from what I have been told you need to special order it. (1)

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