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Shotgun holster

by Arnie

Airsoft Shotgun Holster

project images and
editing by Arnie

This is a personal project idea
of mine. There are no production Airsoft shotgun holsters available, and
only a handful of custom solutions available out there.

This is
where this page comes in. We would like to inspire, or possibly help out
with, the development of this Airsoft accessory.

The idea is to create a holster that can securely hold
a short Airsoft shotgun. Short shotguns such as the M3 shorty, the Marushin
M500 shorty, and the Ithaca M37 are top choices for fitment in such a design.

There are
two mounting points of interest, one is on the thigh, and the other is the
back. Our main visual inspiration for these ideas comes primarily from the
films Predator2, and the film DeepRising.

The ultimate
solution is to create a mounting that can be attached to a thigh rig, shoulder
strap, or on the back of webbing with fitments such as ALICE clips.

We will
also list here the alternative solutions and designs available at this time.



DeepRising screencaps:

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