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Metal Body, Wood Furniture, Toyko Marui G3 Custom

by Arnie

WMH Custom Tokyo Marui G3, with Classic Army Metal and German Army Wood.

Metal Body, Wood Furniture, Tokyo Marui G3 Custom

Parts Used:

Tokyo Marui G3-SG1
Classic Army Metal Body (original heavy type)
Classic Army Metal Cocking Tube
Classic Army Metal Rear Reciever Cap (from CA SG1 stock)
Original German Army Military Surplus G3 wood stock set
First Factory / Laylax 14 mm Silencer adaptor
Guarder 14 mm ‘Phantom’ Flash Hider
Guarder Reinforced Front Sling Pin
First Factory Hard Frame Lock Pins
HEAD 1950 TN tight-bore inner barrel
Systema ‘Hi-Speed’ Motor
Custom Battery Made from 7 cell Sanyo Ni-Cd AK/stick type

I found the furniture set on Cheaper Than Dirt, a website which sells some great surplus items from time to time. Amazingly, these sets were priced at only $11.97. They sold out very quickly after I ordered.

The most challenging part of this project was the foreend fitting. This photo, taken before touch up reblueing of the G3 foreend, makes it easy to see the reworked area. A large amount of material had to be removed from the end of the foreend which mates with the reciever. This was done with a dremel tool, with some hand carving of the interior of the foreend to clear the metal bar on the bottom of the cocking tube. It fits like the original marui furniture (which can be remounted as the gun was not modified).

The foreend is secured to the cocking tube with the original German Army foreend pin, which is almost identical to the marui unit, the only difference being the Marui Pin is slightly longer and the spring in the end is a much lighter material — and the original G3 Pin is of course, steel.

Installation of the Classic Army Metal Body and Cocking Tube was something that I had read would be difficult, but turned out to be quite enjoyable. Perhaps the quality of these units has improved since the reviews I read were written. The fit did require some dremel work, more on the cocking tube than the body; but all minor fitments that mostly could have been ignored if you are not going for best possible fit and collector gun quality. The weight of the CA Metal Body is just incredible, it is so solid and heavy, it is hard to believe it is not made of steel. Note that the SEF markings are not painted because most real G3s I have seen are this way.

It would be nice if Classic Army sold the Rear Reciever cap seperately, I had to purchase a Classic Army SG-1 Stock to get this part, which perfectly matches the Cocking Tube and Metal Body. The wood buttstock came with the original G3 Steel Rear end Cap, but this does not fit the Marui/CA G3 Body. Instead, the stock is wood-screwed to the CA Cap, having to be slightly shortened as the real G3 part is deeper. This is easy to do, requiring only a wood saw.

The fitting of a battery into an original stock is often a difficult problem. This G3 wood stock is somewhat hollow, has a hole from front to back, and just enough room for an AK/Stick type battery, except the last two cells stuck out. I seperated the last two cells, and soldered on a jump wire, making a custom battery that would fit. Not wanting to remove the butt-plate from this stock for charging, I wired in a 15 Amp inline fuse (Marui G3 stock fuse) and left no connectors in the stock for lower resistance. The only connector is the one that is accessed when the stock is seperated from the body, which is how this custom battery-stock is charged. This does limit charging, but my charger (MRC SUPER BRAIN 969 PRO) will only do 4.5 amps, and I usually charge at 1 amp or less. Discharging is done at up to 3 amps, still no problem.

The First Factory / Laylax 14 mm Silencer adaptor required cutting down of the outer barrel and the HEAD 1950 TN tight-bore inner barrel a small amount, this was accomplished with a metal cutting saw and the dremel to polish the kerf. The Guarder 14 mm Steel ‘Phantom’ Flash Hider screws on to this, and the finish on this flash hider is beautiful. All the Guarder products I have seen are top quality, so I also added the Guarder G3 Reinforced Front Sling Pin which is much sturdier and nicer looking than the Marui pin.

First Factory Frame Lock Pins were added but be advised the screwdriver channels in the top of the screw end of the pins (right side of rear reciever) could possibly have sharp edges. They could cut you. I was cut three times before I realized it. These edges were carefully blunted using a punch and a mallet (dremeling them would have required refinishing the pins).

A Systema ‘Hi-Speed’ Motor was the only other modification, this motor has almost as much torque as the Torque Motor, but much higher RPM.

Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome of this project. This G3 is very solid and heavy, very rigid, and very accurate due to this rigidity. The weight is extreme. You can smell the history and essense of this piece when you get near it. You can literally smell the ‘old gun and military armory’ on the wood stocks when you get just a little closer. When you pick it up, you feel warmth from the wood and cold from the metal. Funny thing, everyone who picks it up seems to become enchanted with it.

Pictured with Bushnell 3×9 Elite Series scope, Tokyo Marui G3 Scope Mount, and PSG-1 Mag.

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