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Airsoft Elite AE5v2

by Arnie

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Elite AE
TomAndrews edited by Arnie


Elite AE5 v2

Length: ???mm
Weight: ???g


??? rounds


By Tom Andrews

Any day now, perhaps
tomorrow, even today, my Airsoft Elite MP5 should be ‘flumping’ through
my letterbox (it’s a BIG letterbox)
Yippee! Its arrived, rip,rip, tear, rummage, Ha! There you are!
Well a tatty cardboard box was there (I blame Parcel Force) open it up and
in it sat my new toy, to say I was a bit, well….underwhelmed would be unfair,
I not sure what I was expecting except a MP5, but this one just sat there.

Removing it from the cardboard backing plate showed no damage but also revealed
a surprising lack of weight, I’d bought it because of all the extras with
it, metal body, reinforced gearbox, hicap mag etc, but I had expected it
to be heavier. Hatchet has a lovely MP5, metal body, metal silencer and
everything and that was heavy, this ones doesn’t feel any heavier than a
standard Marui MP5.
As it was raining (well, hammering down!) and the batteries were sitting
in the back of the Land Rover I contented myself with another of the MP5’s
advertised options, the quick strip down ability. Well it ain’t, at least
not quick strip down in the boonies type of strip down that you get with
the G3. First you have to remove the two cross bolts and screws, then remove
the end cap and stock, taking care not to lose the spring and retaining
clip, these are just the bits which if you drop them will never be found
again. Pulling the front and back ends apart gives you access to the gearbox
(M4/ A2 type) but that’s all, useful if you get a serious barrel jam but
that’s all.
The nice bits are the removable front plug for fitting a laser, the stippled/
pimpled effect on the foregrip and the G3 type handgrip. The overall feel
of the weapon was of a solid bit of kit, certainly more rigid than the Marui
offering with a reasonable amount of ‘heft’ Fitting the battery in the foregrip
is still a hit and miss operation, so no improvement over Mr Marui there.
When fitting the battery (the rain having stopped for a few minutes) I found
the wires on the AE surprisingly thin, I’m sure recalling my old school
physics lessons that resistance is ‘inversely proportional to cross sectional
area’ so unless these are ‘low resistance wires’ as supplied by Systema
in their Full Tune Up Kits then these are a no-no.
Still battery in, foregrip in place (eventually) grab the mag and fill up.
It looks identical to the Marui one, but the winder feels on the lighter/flimsy
side, nothing definate, just a feeling. In goes the 200 odd bb’s and I let
rip down the range. Hmmm, certainly not the rate of fire I get from the
Marui MPS with the same battery, but the AE version claims an upgraded gearbox
and spring so its not surprising. The range however far exceeds the bog
standard Marui. Once the hop up was set (the lever being longer than the
one on the Marui gun, so therefore a little more sensitive), I was getting
long flat trajectory from the 0.2 BB’s the full length of the range and
disappearing into the trees. Very nice.
Having fitted quite a few ICHI reinforced gearboxes I was surprised that
the reinforced gearbox fitted to this MP5 wasn’t the nice satin black I
was used to. However it’s not on view so I suppose it saves a few pennies.

The first mag load had a couple of misfeeds, but settled down afterwards.
Incidently the mag was an excellent fit in the mag well, no doubt due to
the extra rigidity of the metal body. Overall the metal body was nicely
cast with crisp detail, possibly better than Marui’s plastic body, no trade
marks though apart from ‘MP5’ and Kal 9mmx19. The rear sight is all metal,
a nice bonus plus it has a nice positive series of stop positions, however
mine suffered from a slight squeak, so out with the silicon spray, squirrrrrrrrt,
twiddle, hmmm, better, I wonder how far this unscrews? Bugger! If you unscrew
the rear sight too far a spring loaded pin flies out of the sight body,
grovel on floor, pick up parts, surprising how far a little spring can go……….
Would I buy them for site guns? Well, the battery fit is still a pain so
may be not, however would I go to sleep cuddling it? (in the absence of
Kylie Minogue or Minnie Driver (preferably both) then the answer is yes!

BB’s out of ten
Looks/finish 10
Weight/ heft 8
Value for money 9
Worth buying compared to Marui? Yes.




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