Tokyo Marui Beta Spetznaz AK47

Marui ß-Spetznaz AK47

Tokyo Marui


(aka Nautilus)

(0.2g BB) (90ms/0.2g)
Length: 711mm
Weight: 2750g
(without battery or mag)


250 rounds
(standard mag)

RPM 750
to 850 rpm

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Tokyo Marui Beta Spetznaz AK47

AK.. but that’s how old?
Ah, the glory days of the
old Marui Spetz. Never thought – though long wished for – a re-release
of that particular gun would take place and certainly not in the form
it has recently taken. Still, here we are and here it is, but with
what changes?

The changes:
First off and perhaps most important, the Beta sports a solid stock,
for that big battery action and this does give the gun – I feel –
something of an off center look to it.

the gun is supplied with a dinky little 250 round hicap (about
65mm shorter than the full sized magazine (should be available
separately shortly for those with old Spetz’s, Dragunov conversions,
or those looking to make their good old AKs a bit more special
– an AKS looks pretty bloomin good with the short mag installed))
into the bargain.

Next, the
gun is fitted out with a modified rear sight, set further back
to offset the shortened barrel and consequently repositioned
front sight.

Finally, we have
a dinky little 20mm weaver rail under mounted to the front grip, which
is advertised as being for a torch or laser. Other than that you are
looking pretty much at the old Spetz externally and the internally.

That being said
of course one has to remember that internally we have the old AK700motored
mech-box. Pretty simple statement, but as anyone who owns a Marui
AK will know, that particular mech-box is not not be sneezed at, not
matter how early on in the Marui story it was designed.

Very solid, very
reliable, good rate of fire with the 700 motor and just as easily
powered up as any other box out there. For those looking at their
first AK, the main reason why the box is so prized by many is the
fact that the motor is attached to the gear box, unlike the Armalite
series which have a loose motor, held in place only by the hand-grip.

For a complete rundown
on the AK technical stats, you are better off having a gander at the excellent
review elsewhere on this site

onto firing the Beta-S.

As one might expect with the barrel being a good deal shorter than the standard
AK, she’s not as accurate. On the 10m range she was putting in average groups
of 7″, compared to the full barrel AK’s average 4″.

The sights also do leave
a little to be desired in construction, as well as being wee bit awkward
to adjust – but are clear enough in use and do give the spine of the gun
a nice aesthetic flash.

under-mount rail is a wee bit on the weak side too, but that could just
be because we were playing around with the a pistol
grenade launcher
on the test model (talk about gilding the lilly)
and if you plan on putting no more than a small maglite or Beamford on it
you should have no trouble at all.

Beta-S hanging as it should in prize position of any airsoftshop.
We just won’t mention that hideous thing hanging above it. :)

on balance what shall we say? I for one find the thing a wee bit ugly
– off balanced and oddly shaped (but then again I love the “classic”
lines of the original AK and the practical size of the original Spetz).
However, stylistics are purely a matter of personal taste so I shall
restrict myself to practical matters.

here, what we have is a Tokyo Marui AK47 and that should say everything
that needs to be said regarding the operation of the device.

The large battery
potential is a real boon over the old Spetz and despite the presence
of the large stock, I can see this gun being highly prized in the
CQB environment as a worthy alternative to MP5s, AUGs, M4s, P90s or
MC51s (especially from the fact that many people just get something
of an AK itch inside them which can’t be scratched by any other AEG
– can’t say I blame them).


Everything for the old AK, plus rail mount optic potential.
The Smokey’s vertical grip can be made to fit if you really
fancy taking the p*ss.


that rear sight could have been better.

for Money

RRP is a bit high, but you do get what you pay for (cheaper
than the standard AK anyway)


A good CQB gun for the AK fan, and while it is one of many,
the style factor alone makes it worthy.

page for the BetaS
– it’s in
Japanese, but it’s easily translatable, you can find a translated
version here

– Hustler’s (of Team2Sexy) review of this CQB
AEG marvel


TM AK47 review
– a comprehensive AK review written by Inferno
TM AK47 Systema FTK fitting
– written by Arnie, a complete guide into stripping
and rebuilding your AK, right down to the little springs. :)

on this review in the forums

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