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CombatClub C33 handguard

by Arnie

by Comega


The reason
most people would consider buying this handguard is for the
fact that it has two integrated rails to pretty much attach
any sort of picatinney rail mount accessory (be it from the
forward handgrip to the AN/PEQ to a flash light.

great new M4A1 handguard set that features integral Picatinney
rails under pop-off black rubber rail covers – both top and
bottom (12 o’clock & 6 o’clock positions). By removing the
rail covers, you can mount any Picatinney rail mount type laser,
flashlight, scout scope, etc.

also can fit SANYO 9.6V 1700mah battery (4×4 type). The handguards
are moulded of high density black polymer. These C33 handguards
are perfect replacements for existing handguards, and the rubber
rail covers add a level of comfort not found with standard handguards.

wholesales, please email to combatclub_net@hotmail.com
Price US$50.00″

opening the box
This particular handguard was provided very graciously by
. It comes with just the two foregrips.

opening the box I was quite pleased by the color of the handguard.
It is a nice matt black and not too shiny as is sometimes the
case with TM foregrips, particularly used ones. The handguard
seems extremely nicely built upon holding and is bit more flexible
then most.

it side by side to the TM standard foregrip it is about 2 mm
longer. The thickness is about the same though it does look
longer and sleeker once installed. The inside is a bit more
boxish rather then the rounded TM ones.

The C33 foregrips are just a tad bit bigger then the original
TM one

Fitting Tools required ? Just a allen
key and 3-5 minutes.

Like most replacement handguards you will have to loosen the 2 screws on
the outer barrel assembly and slide it out, put one of the handguards
in place (the lower one is probably easier as this allows you
to grip the gun as well as tighten the screws ) and then slide
it back down so that it fits correctly. After this simply replace
the top handguard and try turning the grip in your hand, if
it turns about then it is too loose. Repeat the above procedure
till they are sitting snugly.

Replacing the handguard only takes a few minutes

Slide-off Rail Covers
One of the advertising features
of this particular grip is the pop-off/slide-off black rubber
rail covers, this means that when you are actually not using
the rails they remain conveniently hidden – sort of like the
TM RIS Rail Covers, but with these attached unless you look
closely you will not know that this is actually a RIS handguard.

rubber covers are a bit loose and though they would not fly
off, you will not be able to comfortably use the gun with the
bottom one attached, as it tends to move in your hand, mainly
due to the fact that it does not lock in place like the TM Rail
Covers. If you take it off and use the handguard with it on
the bare handguard this will not be a problem.

entire handguard is extremely flexible and well made and would
not cause discomfort holding onto the rail, mainly due to the
fact that the rail itself is made out of high density polymer
and is moulded into the foregrip rather then the standard TM
ones which are metal.

Left : C33 without rubber covers. Middle : C33 with slide
off covers Right/Bottom : standard TM handguard

battery ?
Mini batteries will fit rather nicely inside
but you will struggle to get anything more then a 9.6 1100maH
saddle battery inside this handguard. Though even for the most
power hungry users this should suffice for the day.

the C33:
The closest thing this particular handguard
can be compared to is the RIS Units out there but once you compare
the prices, there is no real competition.

Marui RIS for M4 / SR16 – $100
Classic Army R.I.S Set for M4 – $170
Mosquito Molds RIS for M4A1 – $101
Commander C33 Handguard – $35

: At the bottom is a Tokyo Marui M4A1 with C33 Handguard Fitted,
and TM Forward Grip attached. Above it is a TM M4 Ris for comparison.

Right : C33 with TM Forward grip and Laser Unit as comes
standard with TM M4 RIS.

forward handgrip feels extremely well held in place and does
not move about as one would expect since this being not a metal
rail. Having picked up the entire gun from the forward grip
I have not noticed any wobble on the grip / rail at all and
feels very secure. The same applies for the LAM unit, it is
not moving about on the rail and is sitting secured down.

If you are contemplating buying a RIS for your M4 and
are not too sure if you want to spend the money sourcing a complete
unit then this should definitely be on your list. Sure, it does
not come with 4 rails like most RIS units do but the two which
it does can pretty much fit all rail accessories and in most
cases are more then enough.

then the fact that no one else is making a similar product to
this at this moment in time and the relative low cost of this
handguard and the general usefulness of the rails make this
a perfect replacement handguard set. For $3 + Shipping 5 you
cant go too wrong.

The C33 in action with a 9.6v 100mAH saddle type battery fitted

C33 will fit the New TM M733, but it requires the removal
of the new ‘realistic’ ring at the receiver end of the grip.



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