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CA MP5SD5 review

by Arnie

Army MP5 SD5
Rob Andrew (aka Rob_A)

Model CA
Length: 775mm
Weight: 3.5kg
with magazine and 2100mah battery, 2.82kg ‘empty’



When I opened the Tokyo Marui (TM) catalogue for the first time after
buying my Mk23 springer I instantly fell in love with the MP5SD series,
I think this is mostly due to reading Tom Clancy and playing on Rainbow
Six Rouge Spear too much. After browsing the net trying to find the best
deal on one of these guns, I soon stumbled across the name “Classic
” (CA)
in my searches. I read that they were all metal, upgraded to 350fps and
came with a hi-capacity magazine as standard and were only marginally more
expensive than the TM ones, too good to be true?

After asking about and
reading some reviews of the CA
MP5 I came across some very mixed views of these guns, opinions seemed split
50/50. Some people said things to the effect that the guns were rubbish
and they wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole, yet others said they had
one or know someone who has one and they are great guns, the same happened
with the online reviews I read.

soon found out that there were different versions of the CA
MP5 out there and that indeed the version 1 and version 2 guns were indeed
not very good (although when I picked my MP5 up from Airsoft
I spoke to Tree and found out he uses a version 1 MP5 and has
had no problems). However the latest versions were meant to be greatly improved,
I came to the conclusion that a lot of the negative views of the CA
guns originated from these earlier versions and this then started rumours
and a general doubt as to the gun’s reliability.

I researched into the
CA MP5 from February 2002 I finally took the plunge/risk and bought one
in July, my first AEG, below are my thoughts and findings on this gun.

some facts:

Name: MP5SD2
Barrel Length: 229mm
Barrel Caliber: 6.08mm
Magazine Capacity: 200 rounds
Battery Type: 8.4v Large
Weight: 3.5kg with magazine and 2100mah battery, 2.82kg ‘empty’

The gun
comes in a brown box with a picture of a MP5A2 on the front and a
small colour picture on the side showing the variant inside the box.
After taking the lid off the gun is packaged in moulded foam like
the TM AEGs, with spaces for the magazine and cleaning rod, your MP5
shouldn’t be damaged during delivery. The instructions are written
in broken but understandable English and with the pictures, you can’t
really go wrong. I also purchased a CA MP5 front sight laser mount
to fit my Beamshot1000S laser onto the gun.

call the gun a MP5SD5, but I always thought that a MP5SD with
fixed stock and a SEF grouping was a MP5SD2, but then again, the MP5 numbering
system is a mystery to most. Perhaps a MP5 buff out there can confirm this
for me, until then, I will continue to call it a SD2. (Arnie’s note:
I have filed this review under CA_MP5SD5, as that’s what the manufacturers
call it)

The first thing you notice when looking at the gun
is the metal body, it makes the gun look solid! The only plastic parts are
the lower receiver, stock and the fore grip, just like the real thing. The
rest is in metal, which has a slightly dulled look to it, I am not sure
how realistic this is, not having seen a real MP5. I rubbed some silicone
oil into all the metal parts and then cleaned it off with a clean cloth
and the metal now has a very slight shine to it and is a little darker,
it looks like I would expect the real one to.

When picking the gun
up the weight is reassuring and the whole thing is solid, the only loose
item on mine was the front cap of the silencer, but that is threaded so
I just twisted it with my hand and it is now solid. There is absolutely
no flex or wobble on any part of the gun, including the fore grip, it is
solid! Both CA and TM magazines make a very nice click as they are inserted
and both have a slight bit of wobble sideways, but only a tiny amount. The
SD front end is lovely, CA have opted to make it totally smooth and with
the matt black paint it looks very nice, the moulding lines on it are so
good you really have to look closely to notice them. As mentioned above,
this MP5 has the SEF fire grouping and a G3 lower receiver, this means that
the grip is contoured to fit a right hand, it is very comfortable for me,
but I don’t know how a ‘leftie’ would find it.

Another advantage of
the metal construction is that you can use the cocking lever and be confident
that it will not break if you release it too fast or ‘slap’ it down. The
pictures below show the lever in the forward and locked position.

I am not a fan of lots
of accessories on a gun, in reality 1 or 2 is the most you will find in
real life, so that is all I would put on a replica, and any more makes a
gun look overcrowded, especially a small gun like the MP5, however some
people like this, it is personal preference. I decided that I would just
put a laser on, some people who have seen it don’t like the look, but I
do, I think it gives it a nice, simple addition to the gun which is also
a helpful aiming aid when I am to lazy to use the iron

laser mount:
The front sight
laser mount, as suggested in the name fits onto the front sight, I
found this impossible to do and so needed to file and bend the mount
to fit, but after 5 minutes it was going on nicely, and once everything
was tightened up the laser was securely fitted and ready to be zeroed
in. I fitted a piece of circular elastic with a bit of Velcro on (supplied
with the laser) over the fore grip which the pressure pad is then
attached to, this is very ergonomic as it sits just under my fore

second problem I had was in rotating the rear sight, the MP5 uses
a diopter sighting system and the back part has 4 apertures of different
sizes, which you line up with the front sight.

The idea is that
the small hole is used in good light conditions and gives greater
accuracy over a larger distance, while the largest hole is for use
in imperfect light conditions or at close range, and isn’t as accurate.
I found that I couldn’t rotate the rear sight to the largest aperture,
so I undid the large screw behind the sight and lifted the sight off,
there is a screw under it that I loosened a tiny bit and the sight
is now working perfectly.

the fun part…
am using a 8.4v 2100mah battery in this gun, it just fits into the
rear stock by pushing the rear butt plate down and then removing it,
some modification would be required in order to fit a 9.6v battery,
but apparently this is easy to do.

The selector switch
moves nicely from safe to Economic with nice click, there isn’t as
much of a click when going to full auto unfortunately, but the switch
does offer a nice amount of resistance and so it shouldn’t be easy
to snap it or over stress it, there is no wobble on this either.

The gun ‘shoulders’
very nicely, much better than the Thompson and FAMAS, which are the
only other AEGs I have used previous to this one, the dioptre sighting
system is quick and easy to use.

When firing the
silencer dulls the sound made by the gun so from the point of view
of a ‘victim’ it sounds more like a “thud”, on full automatic it has
a very satisfying sound too, I think the metal body gives it a slightly
‘harder’ sound than AEGs with plastic bodies. The gun shakes a little
when you fire it, enough to spoil your aim if you are target shooting
and are not used to it, this is nice in my opinion as it all adds
to the realistic feel of the gun.

HOP up is very easy to adjust with the lever being situated on the
left hand side of the gun, below the rear end of the cocking tube,
you can just see the top of it in the picture below. No need to take
the gun apart to adjust it, dead simple.

The only rumour
about CA guns that I have found to be true is that of their hi-cap
mags, these are not as good as TM ones. Sometimes mine will not wind
unless I give them a couple of taps first and for some reason turn
them upside down. There are no problems with jamming etc however,
so I can live with that.

I haven’t chono’ed
the gun yet, but using the coke can method from 3 feet it goes into
the can and straight out the other side, which suggests 350-370fps
apparently, more precise figures later.

following pictures show the grouping (not how well I can aim) the gun
gives at 17 and 30feet, on semi and full automatic. 10 shots were taken
on semi automatic and around 30 on full automatic. The gun was placed
on a workmate to keep alignment but the shaking from the gun may have
caused slight movement. The black circle is just under 3” in diameter.

SEMI: 10 rounds @ 17ft | SEMI: 10 rounds @ 30ft

approx 30 rounds @17ft | AUTO: approx 30 rounds @ 30ft

Long term:
So far, the gun has had about 7000 BBs through it with no serious problems
occurring, that makes for a short section here as I have mentioned the only
2 problems I had above.

I have skirmished with
it once so far and it performed faultlessly all day with no jams or breakdowns.
It outranges most stock TM AEGs as would be expected and has a good ROF
too. The magazine fell out of the gun once, but this was while I was falling
over a fence (deliberate tactic, to confuse the enemy), I don’t think I
had it secured in place properly as that is the first and only time this
has happened.

In conclusion I can only say that this is a superb AEG and I only
hope that this review can change the tide of opinion on CA MP5s, as
a lot of people are missing out on an upgraded, metal AEG with a good
all round performance, and at a good price too. I can see myself holding
onto this gun for a long time, and if anything does go wrong with
it, I will check back here and inform you.







4 money




What can I say, you
get a heavy, all metal MP5 that is upgraded for around the same price as
a TM one, and once a little oil is rubbed into the body it looses that,
dry, grey finish that it comes with and looks very nice. The only let down
is the CA hi-cap magazines, which are temperamental, and that is the only
reason I gave the gun 4/5 for build quality. Since buying the gun I have
never looked back and thought “why did I spend all that money on this” so
I guess I am pretty happy with the value of the gun, in fact the only thing
I do think when I look at it is “It’s mine…mwuhaha”. A very satisfied customer…here’s
hoping that the CA M16A3 will be up to this standard by it’s 2nd or 3rd
generation as I now have a craving for an all metal assault rifle.

Rob Andrew (aka Rob_A)


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– the retailer that sold this specific item


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