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First Factory Tokyo Marui CAR-15 (Fuzion)

by Arnie

TokyoMarui Car15

(aka Nautilus)
edited by Arnie

Model ???
Length: ???mm
Weight: 2500g


190 rounds

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Mugen Tokyo
Marui CAR-15 (GX-5857)

RRP: 29,800 yen
Mugen Base gun price:
16,800 yen
Mugen deal price: 21,000, which included KM Steel XM177 Hider
(Suppressor type), Thread Adaptor and Hokuto Trading Scope rail (fashioned
in such as way to allow use of irons sites even when fitted).

one is for Andy-R – thanks mate.

I’d been after another Vietnam Loadout for
a while now – but this time not a VC job; a US special forces thing
so I could justify a big dose of Tigerstripe cammo and Green Beret
type things.

Being one of the
founder members of the CAW M79 Club (hats off to honorary member Arnie,
and Special representative Sam), I wanted to pick up a piece which
would not seem out of place when packing the “ultimate heat” as it
were (as long as Tom “Air-meister” Andrews doesn’t show up with a
bloomin RPG-7 or the like ^_^).
been toying with the XM177, the KSC MAC11 (pretending it was a MAC10),
the UZI Woodtock, the M37 Ithaca wood-grip, and even the Thompson
M1A1. Then it hit me – literally! In that one fell from a shelf onto
me – the CAR 15!

I thought we hated it?
I don’t know why, but this little
fellow hardly ever draws any glances around here[1]
– even at the regular Vietnam days there are precious few to be seen
– and immediately after picking the shop sample from the top of my
head I was drawn to wondering about why it never seems to sell well[2].

Young Fred was
of the opinion that it is a battery issue above all else – as there
are no “horsehoe” type batteries – which fit around the barrel – for
the CAR as there are for the XM and the M4 (though I am sure one could
be made to fit). Beyond that he was pretty much at a loss[3] as the thing looks lovely – a dinky little “Mini Me”
of an M16, which is short, light and a very capable (looking) backup
weapon, not least as she packs a hicap magazine (190 round VN type)
as standard.

I was still in
two minds when Ash and I popped into Osaka in October – XM, or CAR
– when I ran face to face with Mugen’s take on the CAR issue; the
Navy SEAL 1971 version.

what’s extra?
As you can see, there is not a great deal
different about her, and indeed all are cosmetic touches[4], but I am sure you will agree they effectively buy the Gun her
“Little Black Dress” so to speak.

XM flash hider is a good start, giving the front end a subtle but
distinctive look, while the 300 round magazines make the old girl
not only look more serious, but provide good duration in game.

Finally the scope
rail improves the overall look (though, for the real milsimmers out
there I am advised that fixing a scope directly to the carry handle
was the usual mount method for the special forces back in the day).

All this topped
off with the lovely two tone Grey/black look of the gun and well……I’m

OK so I was impressed
with the looks. Now to find out about the price. Things were looking
good at 16,800 yen for the gun alone, but when the extras all added
less than 5,000 to the overall bill I was sold – especially as I was
able to buy some of the marvelous Solid R 8.4 700mha batteries at
a reduced price[5] to
go with her.

OK next was option parts.
I figured that I had saved a good wedge, it would be churlish not to take
advantage of Systema’s excellent upgrade catalogue – and bought a 1-joule
package for her[6] and while that added 18,000 yen[7]
to the bill it was well worth the extra.

However, for the purposes
of this review I had a squeeze off with an un-rated CAR15 as well and it
is this stock gun’s performance that forms the basis for the firing review.

The short barrel on
the gun certainly seems to have an effect in firing as on the 10 meter target
she was grouping at 8” ish compared to the M16 we used as comparison dropping
in at around 4”. However, rate of fire was as good as the M16 and velocity
rated a consistent 7 joules (not the most powerful stock gun in the world,
but good enough).

The only real problem
I could detect here was that the extended stock was not quite the most stable
platform to fire from – she seems very weak. But fundamentally it is pretty
much an unnecessary touch considering the total lack of recoil anyway.

if you are looking for a stylish and effective CQB item and either don’t
want another M4 clone or a P90, give this one a chance. Maybe she’s more
one for the Milsim types, but I’ve been very impressed with mine (as has

The only real downside
that I can think of is that at 29,800 yen RRP (Mugen is unusually cheap),
well, basic gamers might be better off with an MP5 type gun – which would
deliver similar performance for a few thousand yen less (even packing a
bigger battery in the right models) – or a P90 – which has a better gearbox,
red dot, and so on for exactly the same money.

Anywhere else for that matter – I myself have only ever picked up one before
in 11 years – belonging to AndyR.
[2] In my time here I have
never seen a CAR 15 go out of the shop – and the one we have one the stockroom
shelf has been here since Feb 2001.
[3] I personally think there
might be an issue of cost in there too as the gun is 29,800 yen new and
even taking into count the 190 round hicap which comes as standard it is
still pricier than the XM at most shops round here.
[4] Of course the Trigicon
scope should be replaced by one appropriate to the period, but that will
have to wait till one pops up on the surplus market.
[5] In use they demonstrate
improved duration over Marui’s standard type mini. Nowhere near as good
as even a standard Large, but I’ve not had one go down mid game on me yet.
[6] More for gear life than
velocity reasons as she has been bought exclusively as a CQB backup..
[7] This was just for the
inner workings, as at 1 joule you don’t really need the gearbox.



Quick, accurate, Stable

for money

(from Mugen) 3/5 RRP


Not much for her really


Plenty o metal, good
and solid


One for the Milsimmers I think



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