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First Factory Front 14mm Rail Attachment System

by Arnie

Factory – Front 14mm Rail Attachment System
by First


(aka Nautilus)

Model First
Factory – Front 14mm Rail Attachment System
RRP 6120

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First Factory
Front 14mm Rail attachment System
6120 Yen.

Want a front rail mount
for your P90? M4? CAR15? MP5?. Ok, for any 14mm threaded AEG? AND want a
silencer/extended barrel/crunchy frog attachment into the bargain?

This little beauty from
First could well be the answer to your prayers. Simply screw it onto the
front thread (you are provided with left and right hand thread adaptors
which both carry out to a standard thread) and slap on anything you want
on the front of that – extended barrel, Knight’s Silencer, kitchen sink,
hovercraft, Scotsman.

of the rails can be removed if required and the adaptor can be reversed
so that the rails run down the side of the gun if required.

The rails can be attached
at any angle – one of the guns at first has one fitted at 45 degrees, for
a torch and a laser – and two of the mounts can be fitted one in front of
another for a 4 way rail mount (three, if the rear one faces back and the
forward two are at 90 degrees to each other).

Simple, elegant, cheap.

Classic First Factory.



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