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Firefly 2×20 RedDot Scope

by Arnie

2×20 RedDot Scope

by Arnie

Firefly 2×20
RedDot scope

  • 12 Brightness settings
  • 2x Magnification
  • 1″ mounting
  • 20mm diameter

list price: From RedWolf $140

In the images
below the scope has been mounted on 1″ weaver rings, attached to a Tokyo
Marui MP5/G3 replica claw mount. Given the 20mm front aperture, the scope has
an impressively clear and bright image. Also, given the size of the scope, you
can easily mount it on a shorter rifle such as the MP5k or PDW. With the 12
brightness settings, the ‘dot’ can be adjusted for most conditions.

This isn’t
the cheapest solution for reddot scopes, but it is one of the best out
there. You would have to ask yourself if the accuracy and quality of the scope
is lost on an airsoft weapon. If you have really deep pockets…. as some people
in the Airsoft scene seem to, then this is THE reddot scope for you. We didn’t
actually buy this, it came packaged with a custom rifle, but we couldn’t have
been happier with it.

Top of the scope showing, the zeroing adjustment
Scope, viewed down the scope, showing the reddot in the centre

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