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TM Glock 17 springer review

by Arnie

Glock sitting on both spare clips

Glock 17 Spring Pistol

and images by Arnie

Model TM
G17 ‘Springer’
with 0.2g BBs
Length: 202mm
Weight: 285g


24 rounds

So what’s a ‘springer’?
note, that this is not a gas pistol, it’s a spring pistol,
loveably known as a ‘springer‘. A spring pistol must be cocked before
a shot can be fired. You do this by racking the slide back – as this physical
movement of the slide ‘charges’ a spring-piston assembly inside the replica.
When you pull the slide back you compress a spring, which locks back and feeds
a BB into the chamber. When you pull the trigger, the spring is released which
pushes forward, and drives a piston with it. This motion creates a gas expansion
(of air) which pushes the BB out the barrel.

It’s obviously
more difficult to prime than a normal GBB or NBB – look at it as being much
like a simple crossbow (in theory), nothing will happen until you stretch
it, and this needs to be done every time you want to fire it.

Having said
that a springer is relatively difficult to fire – it’s not that bad to rack
the slide, but if you don’t have fairly strong hands it won’t be easy, but
it does get easier with practice. A lot of folks haev got used to rapid fire
techniques, firing the springer sideways (‘gangsta sylee’) while simultaneously
cocking the slide.

Marui make
some of the best spring Airsoft pistols available, and to be honest any Airsoft
armoury is incomplete without one. You can expect somewhere between 180-210
fps with 0.2g BBs, although the hopup is fixed/optimised for 0.25g BBs out
the box.

This G17
springer is the TM heavyweight version. So what’s heavyweight (HW) you ask?
Well HW simply means it’s of a better build than other non HW models, and
is actually err, heavier. So how do they obtain this more realistic feel and
weight? Er.. well actually they just bung two lumps of mild steel in the mag,
and use better quality plastic for the pistol frame. Not hugely complex, but
surprisingly effective.

Glock sitting on both spare clipsSo
what about this replica?
Now given that all TM springers (and
the licensed copies) use the same system, performance is basically the same
across the range. The only differing features, are:

physical appearance
– Obviously the replica is a 1:1 copy of whatever
real-steel pistol it’s modelled upon.

– This is actually associated to the physical size of the pistol,
and hence whichever pistol it’s modelled upon. The larger the replica the
longer the barrel (as TM will fit the longest barrel that they reasonably
can). So the bigger the pistol, the more accurate and powerful it will be.
Thus the G17 longslide (G17L), the Desert Eagle, and now the
new Mk23 springer are some of the best springers you can get.

– Again, much like the inner barrel, the bigger the mag, the
more BB’s you’ll get in it. The mags are what as known as ‘standard mags’
which are very simple in structure. A ‘standard mag’ simply pushes BBs sequentially
out of a feed hole at the top of the mag. The mag has a ‘U’ shaped tube inside
it with a spring inside that. This means that BBs can be loaded into the ‘U’
shaped tube, and then pushed out until only the feeder that sits atop of the
spring is left in the loading hole. This size mag holds about 24 rounds.

Closeup detail on the slideSo
what’s it like?
TM G17 is to my mind one of the best out there for several reasons.

– The Glock series feature an internal hammer system, which is a bonus
for this replica – sadly on the spring pistols the hammer is simply cosmetic,
so looks fairly horrible and ‘flimsey’. Much like the real G17, this springer
is functional and very tidy, which means it’s easy to carry and simple to
use. The Glock logos, and markings are faithfully copied.

– As with
all ASGK approved equipment, a safety feature is required. The trigger
safety system here is therefore fully functional.

In order
to full depress the trigger, the ‘inner trigger’ (shown in the image to the
left) must also be depressed. This prevents accidental shots from being released,
as the trigger must be fully covered by a trigger finger to pull the trigger.

– The sights on this model are fixed, as you might expect for a model
of this price. Even though they are fixed, they are accurate enough for a
model of this power and accuracy and are good enough for the job.

some imagery that didn’t fit into the review. Just click on any thumbnail
below to see a larger image.

Glock with clip out and spareGlock with clip out

Glock profile, 2 clips outGlock leaning on the 2 spare clips

Everyone needs a springer, and this is one of the best ones out there. With
only about 2/3 of the power of an AEG you won’t be winning any huge sustained
firefights, but they’re simple and effective, and sometimes that’s all you
need in a tight spot. The lack of adjustable hop-up doesn’t matter, and the
fixed sights are good enough for the price. One huge advantage is that they’re
quiet and almost 100% reliable, if they’re regularly cleaned (just spray silicon
spray on the working parts and feed holes).



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