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Guarder’s Glock 26/27 Optical Device Mount (B-Type / Black)

by Arnie

26/27 Optical Device Mount (B-Type / Black)
Shing Yan L. (aka Guts80)

48 g
Color: Black

Aluminum Alloy



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got this for piece for my friend’s Glock 27 as he requested,
but if you ask me, I say this piece is wayyy over priced.

It comes in a simple see through zip lock bag with the
scope mount and another smaller zip lock bag containing two
2mm hex screw, the base plate, and a 2mm hex wrench (how nice
of them to include this…).

scope mount:
The scope mount is quite light and probably
made out of aluminum. One side of the mount is a slightly over-enlarged
Glock logo, while the other side has 6 holes. The finish is
quite similar to G&G’s threaded outer barrel (and the KJW
metal outer barrel for the record).

is a cut made on the rail mount to allow the standard iron sights
to use be used with the mount installed. A good feature considering
electronics ARE liable to fail . The mount is a standard 20mm
wide weaver rail mount (like those found on the M4 RIS or sr-16).
The rail is 10.5cm long, allowing you to attach pretty much
any scope you wanted.

Installing the scope mount can be a little tricky as you’ll
need to take your gun apart some what.

off field strip the gun and punch out the retaining screw located
right above the trigger. Once that is removed, unscrew the screw
located right above the take down lever. With all this removed,
a large piece of metal should be able to wobble a tad bit (part
no. G26-31 on the TM G26 manual.

comes the hardest part of removal; taking out the take down
lever. Use a small screw driver to push down on the metal plate
holding up the lever. As you holding down the small metal plate,
proceed to push the take down lever back out (doesn’t matter
which direction). If you have to, get someone to push down on
the take down lever while you use another small tool to push
the take down lever out.

that piece out, the whole front section of the internals should
slide out quite easily. Be careful to not loose the trigger
spring that hooks onto the side of piece of metal (G26-31).
Once this piece is removed, it’s just a matter of taking out
the safety switch (part no G26-56) and replacing it with the
base plate (Refer to the pictures below). Make sure the base
plate is inserted as show in the right hand shot. Now for reassembly.

sure the little piece of metal that is used to hold up the take
down lever (part no. G26-42) is sitting horizontal. Slide back
the large piece of metal (G26-31) back into the frame. However,
make to loop one end of the trigger spring over the hole located
on the right side of the large piece of metal (G26-31). With
this all in place, just slide the piece of metal right back
into place. Screw the screw back in, and insert the retaining
pin back in it’s slot. Now hold down the little piece of metal
(G26-42) again, while you slide the take down lever back in.
MAKE SURE that the little notch on the take down lever is facing
DOWNARDS, towards the little metal plate. Once you have confirmed
the take down lever is back in place, re attach the trigger
spring to the hook on the trigger bar (G26-36). Now re-assemble
the gun.

last part of the installation! Slide the mount over the gun
(make sure you slide the mount over the protruded piece of metal
which was once your safety/serial plate). Once the holes on
the mount and the base plate are aligned, screw in the two hex
screws with the hex wrench provided along with the kit. Volia,
you have now finished installing the scope mount.

If you want to field strip the gun, you will either A). Take
off the mount either by removing the two hex securing the mount
OR B). Keep the slide in the lock position and unscrew the screw
located at the rear end of the blow back chamber. With the screw
removed, remove the rear sight. Once removed, field strip as
normal. Putting the gun back together is just a matter of reversing
the whole process.

It does what it was designed for. The mount is constructed
with high quality material and has a top-notch finish. However
I think it’s slightly over-priced and isn’t worth the retailed
prices. To each and his own.

Shing Yan L. (aka Guts80)


Gives you the misc. tools like the hex wrench


High quality make and it does what it was designed for.
What more can I ask for?


If you really want a scope mount than get it by all means,
but I personally think that its too expensive for such
a simple object.



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Saturday, August 16, 2003 5:49 PM
Copyright 2003 ArniesAirsoft

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