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TM HK51 Review

by Arnie

Marui H&K 51 Carbine, Limited

(Automatic Electric Gun)Dolphin#1

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The first time that I
met this AEG was on the Airsoft Adventures range in their shop in Reading. I
had heard a lot about this particular AEG from members of the DoG team as well
as from Maccar26. Intrigued by there information, I decided to test it out. At
that time I was going to get an M4

First impression

The Best damned gun I have ever used. This should be your
first choice. There are only 18 left!

The HK 51 carbine limited edition was produced during the
summer of 1998. Only 2000 examples were ever produced. This makes it an
automatic collectors piece. However it is also a Stonkingly good gun!

At first I hated the loom of it. “UrrgHH!” It looked
vaguely like a G3 or MP series, but ….. the shortened greenish fore grip
with holes in it (like an L85-a1-SA80) “erk!” I thought.

High Standards

…. On picking it up the first thing that you notice is
the lovely finish on it. It has been built to exceedingly high standards and
looks really good. None of your shiny plastic is apparent. The second thing
that you notice is how comfortable it feels. It nestles against your shoulder
very nicely with no play or “wiggle” and feels nice and

The stock gun comes with a 500 round capacity magazine as
standard which is a brilliant deal, The gun itself has a tight bore barrel and
EG1000 top of the range motor fitted. All of these extras make themselves
prominent when you fire the weapon. Along with the alright sights It really is
a case of point, pull, hit. The BB’s always seem to land EXACTLY where you
pointed them! The Rate of fire was also superb. Allied with the hefty large
battery installed in the butt, The gun spits out a hail of BB’s at high


The size of the gun is not overly small but it feels as
good as a bullpup rifle, being built on a MC51 style body it shares a slightly
smaller body (barrel housing). Even though it is actually quite long the extra
length really isn’t apparent, due to the fact that most of the weight is
towards the centre/rear of the weapon. So you almost get the feel of a short
bodied or bullpup rifle, BUT you don’t get a weapon that you feel would
perform exceedingly well at CQB, house clearance.

As the ’51 is part of the G3 family, not as I originally
thought the MP5 family (take an MP5, attach a mag chambered for a 5.56
cartridge, looks similar doesn’t it?) It shares the lovely fire selector /hand
grip/trigger mechanism housing. This is a little less handy then the MP5s’ BUT
it doesn’t get in the way like the MP5s’ can. Your thumb is always where you
want it.

Spewing out BB’s furiously

On the range the power of the ’51 could not be faulted. On
semi automatic the single shots just seemed to go just where I wanted them, On
full auto the 500 round magazine proved its worth, spewing out BB’s furiously,
the spring mechanism in the magazine ran very nicely too. The gun was able to
perforate a card target at the end of the 10 metre range quite easily. You
could see an almost continuous stream of BB’s exiting the barrel.

Some people think the ’51 is too damned sweet! and have
fitted lower voltage batteries to slow down the rate of

Due to the plastic construction the gun is nice and light.
Not as light as an MP5 but much lighter then a comparative M16. AK47ish in
retrospect. When you are lugging a gun around with you during a full days
skirmish, little points like this do count.

Colt M4 Vs H&K 51c

Crunch time… I personally found the 51 the better gun in
comparison to the M4. Both guns are equipped with the same motors and are in
the same class. The M4 is very nicely detailed and drips metal, making it good
and hefty. It looks and feels brilliant, much more realistic then the 51,
Truly a new version of a classic design. The 51 however was miles more
comfortable. ergonomically superb, its sheer “shootability” made it a winner
in my eyes in comparison to the M4. The fact that it takes a BIG battery from
the off, and its precision barrel were really just icing on a already
delicious sponge cake! It has to be remembered that the M4 is probably a fair
bit more sturdier then the predominantly plastic ’51 due to its metal
construction. The ’51 has not been designed for compatibility with the Marui
tracer unit.

If you are looking for a comfortable well made shootable
weapon, and you don’t mind the relative unknowness of the ’51 and its looks
then get the ’51. Of course whether you can actually find one on sale is
another matter! If not the Lexus to the Jaguarness of the ’51, would be the
M4. Watch out though please remember you will probably be paying a hefty
premium for the specialness of the ’51

20,000 rounds later..

People wait with baited breath at this point! Well the
novelty value of my new toy has worn off, Do I still like it or do I curse my
purchase like a proverbial carrot?

The shootability of the HK51 cannot be denied, It is great
fun! The Eg1000 motor and big battery combine together to create a massive
Rate of fire. The 51 will sure keep peoples heads down. More BB’s come out the
end of this thing then any other AEG. The sheer raw fire power is truly

People will always go “woo!” when they see it, AS it is an
imposing piece. Its G3 hi-cap mags cannot be underestimated. you get one as
standard so that saves you the hassle of getting one in the first place and
500 rounds is a fair lump of BB’s. Its metal construction in places makes it a
sturdy design and it will happily be dropped all over the

In a comparative range test the 51 outpaced a FAMAS and a
SG/1 only falling a few feet short of the range of a Steyr AUG. Its RoF was
however top of its league

With a big battery it can easily last an entire days
skirmish, in the support weapon role quite happily and still go

However it does have its negative points. The Rate of fire
can run a magazine (500 rounds!!) dry in a startlingly short space of time!
especially if you are using it in the support fire role. I now carry two
magazines as standard, no question.

It is also a LONG gun. It is a carbine compared to the
SG/1 but only by about an inch! duh! So you are super unmanourvreble when
using this in a CQB environment, FIBUA is okay, but I guess that it would
perform best in a woodland environment. Its not the most easy of weapons to
wangle about in a vehicle either, and get a sling for it

Many people have commented on the fact that it is not as
accurate or longer ranged then they expected it to be. To answer those points,
It is more accurate, but the range is an issue. I haven’t given the 51 a full
service and clean so that may sort it out. but its supposed to have an
accurised barrel. So why has the range dropped off? However it does outclass a
raft of other AEGs out of the box.

Thumbs up

Overall I give the 51 a thumbs up. It truly is one of the
best AEGs I have seen and surely the best long gun. The added fact that it is
a limited edition weapon and will be in solid demand for quite a long time is
just icing on the cake


appearance 4/5
build quality 5/5
performance 5/5
value for money 4/5
game potential 5/5

Its not cute, its built like a brick, It has a stupendous
rate of fire, it comes with a hi-cap mag, its a limited edition

Buy this if you want the best long gun style main battle
rifle AEG by Tokyo Marui.

Update: April 1999.

DolphiN#K is a fellow G3/series user, with his SG/1. #K
uses big batteries with high voltages. Some of his batteries are rated at
around +10 volts!. During the next skirmish I hope to try some of these out
and see how the ’51 compares to #Ks’ SG/1. From the sounds of it there will be
an increase in the Rate of Fire to stupendous
A good thing!

However, During normal use of the ’51 I have found that
its rate of fire can be a problem!! This is because it emptys Its magazines
VERY quickly. Luckily #K was able to get me another mag. During normal
skirmishes I hope to nick most of his magazines while he uses his new fangled
(but lovely) M4/M203 combo.

The 8.4 volt, 1700 mah battery in the butt has behaved admirably.
And I have yet to run out of juice during a days skirmish. This compares favourably
to other AEGS, like the AUG, which has a mini battery.


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