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ICS Tactical Three Point Sling

by Arnie

Tactical Three Point Sling

by Arnie

Price 700 NT

A three point sling, simply put is something
you really need to get, dropping your prized rifle on the
floor just isn’t cricket, and believe me – it will be concrete
you drop it on. It’s Muphy’s third law of Airsoft.. or something.

ICS‘s three
point sling is not exactly original, but hey – it’s a sling,
there’s not much to go wrong, and from the outset you can see
that there’s no worries about this piece.

Now I’ve got a real MP5 sling here, a few homemade
jobs, and a old real carbine sling kicking around. All have
their disadvantages. Firstly the real MP5 sling is all fine
and dandy, but the clip buckle that stops it from extending
requires huge amount of force to release, and slapping a plastic
MP5 AEG in half to release the sling is just going a bit far.

The ICS sling is aimed at the AEG market and
should really fit just about anything. Here I’ve tested it
here on a TM M733.

In the bag: The sling comes in your average plastic
bag, nicely wound up with the ICS logo and some bright colouring
acorss the label. Again to me it’s the small things that matter.

In the bag you’ll find the sling itself (comprised
of two straps which attach to each other with velco) and two
universal fixture points. Towards one end of the sling you’ll
see the ICS logo stitched into the material seems like a small
point but it does assure you that you’ve got a real ICS sling
here and not something different.

Fitting: Fitting the sling is easy, here on the M733 I’ve chosen
to use the fixture points, rather than clipping the sling
directly to any metal sling rings. The advantage of the
fixture points is that they are made of nylon and hence,
there’s just no rattle, and the sling is unlikley to
scratch away at your AEG. The buckles for the fixture
points are also plastic, which although limits their
overall strength does mean that yes again there’s limited
ability for the sling to ‘clunk’ around and rattle.

First line the sling up alongside your
rifle, make sure it’s the right length (adjust it if
needed) and make sure that there’s no twists in the material.

Now you need to take the fixture
strops and attach one to the front and one to the rear.
I worked from the back first here, but you’ve got
to start somewhere for a review. On the sliding stock
I just rang the first fixture through the looping holes
and fixed it at the LHS of the stock. I’m right handed,
but if you wanted to sling it the other way you just
reverse what I’ve done.

with the rear fixture attached fix the attachment loop to the
front and clip the front slip loop to the mounting point you’ve
just created.

When you’ve got both fitted, just clip the sling
onto the material loops. You’ll find an elastic hood over the
sling near the ends that you slip over the metal clip. This
keeps things tidy, the muck off the metal work, and stops the
metal loops clanking against the body. Nice touch I thought.

As I mentioned the sling has a velcro section
to allow you to expand and shrink the sling to fit, I found
no need to adjust it on the M733, but if you’re fitting the
sling to something longer or significantly shorter you’ll find
this an added bonus.

You don’t have to worry about the
velcro coming away, to be honest you could hang an M249 with
all the trimmings off this one and still be happy that it’s
not going to break.

The only real problem I found
was that it was not possible to lock the sling in the carry
position. This isn’t a huge issue, it’s just that I’m fairly
familiar with the style issued to the MOD with the L85 that
features the qucik release buckle.

Conclusion: A good sling, well
made and certainly very tidy and easy to use. Comes highly



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Thursday, December 11, 2003 2:02 PM
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