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KJW Para Ordnance 14.45 Review

by Arnie

KJW Para Ordnance 14.45 Review
by Andy Rizzo




First off, I’d like to thank Jungletoy for supplying with this gun(even though I had to pay for it).

This is a review of the ABS version P14, not the full metal.

Introduction Most HK and US retailers are carrying both the ABS and FMV p14’s now. A great place to get either version would be Jungletoy, whether online or at a retail store. I purchased mine from Dusty at the Tempe, AZ Jungletoy store.

When I first brought the box home it came with a can of Super Green Gas and 3750rnds of Infinity .2g BB’s, perfect for testing my new piece. It came in a nice box that has a Photoshopped picture of the P14, a knife and a few .45 rounds lying on some egg crate foam. Upon opening the box I was surprised that the plastic finished looked so realistic. Now onto the box’s contents; which included the Pistol itself, one magazine, A barrel key/tool, loading tube with mag attachment, loading tube rod, a “manual” & 100 KJW bb’s. Now lets move onto the specifics of the gun…

Loading/ Capacity First I noticed that the mag is a double stack design. This is not a mistake, but a replication because the real P14 has a wider frame to accommodate a double stack .45 magazine also

Loading the magazine can be a bit difficult at times, there a few ways to go about it. The first way would be to use the included tool. Simply align it with the top of the magazine while holding it down with your thumb in one hand, and load the bb’s into the metal tube with the other. Once full, take the plastic rod included and press down firmly until it can no longer be pushed any farther. I would suggest only loading 25 rounds instead of the 28 its supposed to hold to ensure better feeding (my mag will only hold 25 with the spring fully compressed).

Filling the mag with gas is as simple as any other Gas gun. Just invert, fill for about 2-4 seconds and your good to go. As far as what type of gas to use, I would suggest Green gas or a 50/50 green gas/red gas mixture; as Duster gas (134A)couldn’t even rack the slide back on the P14. All KJW P14 mags come with preinstalled high flow valves so you won’t have to worry about buying aftermarket valves for your mags.

Aesthetics & Looks In order to provide a more detailed review we’ll do this with each piece of the gun:

Slide & Frame The slide & frame that come with the gun is made of a composite material (really just ABS plastic). The only markings on this gun and its sister FMV are the words; KJWORKS MADE IN TAIWAN Engraved into the right side of the frame towards the front of the gun. The lightweight materials of the slide make its cyclic rate EXTREMELY fast which will be discussed in the performance section of the review better.

Slide Stop Made of metal, this piece can be a trick to reach without bringing the gun down and pointing towards your side a little. Once you get the hang of it, you can rotate the pistol in your hand slightly, hit the mag catch, reload, hit it again, and have another mag loaded without fumbling or having to reach to the mag catch

Hammer & Safety System Both are made out of metal and work together on the gun. First off, this gun uses a hammer type system which means if you don’t cock the gun, you can’t put the thumb safety on. Also, if you have your gun cocked, then de-cock it, you won’t release all the gas in the mag because the hammer gets “locked” in the 2nd position. The second type of safety on this gun is integrated into the rear frame, which means if you don’t have a tight enough grip on your gun, or if the trigger gets snagged, that it wont fire.

Trigger The trigger on the ABS Para is , unfortunately, metal(I am unsure whether it is on the FMV or not). It is Skeletonized just like the hammer and boasts an adjustment screw, however, I would not suggest tightening it much because after too many turns it causes the gun not to fire sometimes.

Magazine Catch Pretty simple right? Well its plastic however has something unique about it. First, its free fall which means the mag will fall out once you press the button. Second, it seems to “push” the mag out of the magwell no matter what angle the pistol is at. Infact, I can press the mag release while the pistol is upside down and then rotate it back and the mag will just drop to the floor- although this is not a good idea.

Outer Barrel When I purchased the gun It came with a plastic orange barrel which looked horrible on such a beautiful gun, so I purchased one of the only 3 or so Metal barrels left in AZ for the KJW p14. These are VERY rare and hard to come by, so if you get the chance to pick one up, do it! It was easy to change the barrels, just disassemble the gun, take out the chamber, unscrew the barrel, screw on the new one, and put it all back together.

Build Quality
Shaking the gun reveals a small rattle only heard in dead silence. Upon further inspection I saw that the Ejection port cover rattles against the slide somewhat but its not noticeable unless running or shaking the gun. IN which if you are running, I don’t think you will even hear it. One thing I did notice when releasing the slide too slowly was that it would “catch” at one spot. I took off the slide and noticed a that the slide had a little bump in one spot, easily fixed with sand paper. It was then I decided to lube the slide, frame & hammer assembly. To disassemble the gun you first have to remove the barrel cap by either using the supplied key and twisting or holding down the recoil spring cap and twisting Counter Clock Wise. Just hold down the recoil spring cap while disassembling because its under pressure. Metal parts not mentioned are the internals such as the inner barrel, chamber, sear, hammer, magazine, recoil spring, recoil spring cap, recoil spring guide and rear sights.

Performance So after opening her up I loaded a full mag, gassed it up and took to the backyard to test out the P14. I set up a 5×8 target taped to a box about 10m away and lined up the sights, squeezed the trigger and….completely missed. Well not quite, I hadn’t cocked the slide, just the hammer so nothing came out. I continued to take another shot and hit the 10 ring which is about 3/4 in diameter, pretty impressive. I emptied an entire mag onto the target and got 9 hits in the 10 ring, 6 in the 9 ring, 2 in the 8, 2 in the other rings and the rest were off of the target and onto other parts of the paper. I gassed up another mag and then another and another. After becoming more comfortable where the bb’s were hitting, I could easily dumb 3/4 of the mag in the 10 ring from across my yard. The “recoil” or kick on the ABS P14 is quite impressive, actually its sometimes hard to notice because the slide cycles so fast. I emptied an entire 25 round in mag in exactly 5 seconds, but that’s only how fast I can pull the trigger. Still that’s an awesome cyclic rate for any GBB. If you want an accurate, cheap sidearm, id suggest the P14 from KJW any day.

Field Use Well On Jan 8 th 2005 I took the P14 to its first game. I was using a friends holster so I didn’t have to stash it in my weesatch plate carrier that day. Well After about 15 strides on the first game, the gun fell out of the holster and directly into some damp dirt mag first. I was upset at first thinking I would have to wait to get home and clean it and would not be able to use it all day. But to my surprise all I had to do was scrape some dirt out of the fill valve, put a few shots through it and it was fine. The P14 held up flawlessly all day. I put about 15 or 16 mags thru it. We even had a few pistol only games that day so I really got to get used to using it in combat. It held up great and I made probably 3 or 4 kills in the pistol only games and 1 other when my M4 ran out of ammo. I recently broke my P14 and had to buy someone’s broken pistol for parts. I dropped the mag on some tile and bent one of the fins on the back, so when I tried to shove it in the magwell it broke the valve stop, valve stop pin, and the valve stop spring which actually bent. I fixed the gun but the problem with the KJW P14 is that you CANNOT find any spare parts anywhere.

I will add more to this review as I use the pistol. I will write how it performs in June at Op:LC4 Also.

by Andy Rizzo


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