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Maruzen M1100 Defender

by Arnie


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M1100 Short-Review

(aka Nautilus)
by Arnie

Model M1100
(3BB’s per shot)
Length: ???mm
Weight: ???g


6 shots
per magazine

Defender short review
Come on, everyone likes Shotguns. Well
OK not everyone likes shotguns. In fact they are a bit of a niche (within
the CQB niche) gun in airsoft, but as I keep telling anyone who will listen,
they have so much style factor that they have to be considered.

However, any shotgun
that you can name is not really perfect. The Marui ones, though being super
stylish, are effectively 3 barreled sniper’s weapons, a bit pricey and prone
to problems IMHO (though the new M3 Shorty is certainly worth a look for
the Marui fan). The Marushin Mossberg series suffer from a lack of power
in the gas version, and higher prices (still, heavy guns and super styleeeee
loaded). Then we have Maruzen with their lovely action, pathetic power and
shells going everywhere.


Not any more. The Maruzen
M1100 Defender semi auto uses much of the same mechanism of the full stock
M1100, but with one key feature that changes everything – magazine fed.
A cheap (680 yen) 18 round (6 shot) box mag sits in the shell well but other
wise the gun cocks and fires as before.

It cycles faster than
the normal M1100 we used for comparision (the airsmith at Sannomiya muttered
something about not needing to waste gas on throwing a shell out) and produces
around .8 joules with 3 rounds (this number is not changeable as with the
shell guns though). Thus, with the pretty strong fixed hop, the gun is a
very reliable CQB option IMHO, being easily capable of engagement ranges
of 20 meters.

There are a few downsides
to the gun:

  • First
    it seems that the extra power has been achieved by an increased gas flow
    as the pistol grip tank only provides about 24-26 shots per fill – a major
    reduction on the M870 shorty tank which can boast many times more. However
    as the tank is detachable and reasonable cheap (2450 yen) swapping in
    the field isn’t a problem.

  • Second,
    the box mags only hold 18 rounds and reloading them without the correct
    tool (read bit of dodgey plastic) is nigh on impossible, so once in the
    field it seems you are on your own. Only the price of the things makes
    up for that fact (though anyone used to skirmishing an M870 shorty will
    be pleased).

I don’t know as yet
if any of the M1100 power upgrades will fit in this new beast (though it
seems reasonable to assume they will), so don’t count on it….

Well there she is. Short
*and* sweet and the answer to all your Gangsta Styleeee problems.
Nah just stuff the cash in yer pocket and say everybody’s happy!

Have fun,


Price as of July 11,
2001: 19,980 yen RRP. Maruzen.



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