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Marushin M500 SSB

by Arnie

Mossberg M500 SSB

courtesy of RedWolf
Model Mossberg
M500 SSB
– 300fps (after upgrade)
Length: 960mm
Weight: 2800g

Ammo capacity:

150 rounds



When does it get here

Hopefully to be my
next purchase, assuming I can find a supplier with one in stock. I’m after the
M500SSB in black (gas version), with the valve upgrade and a spare pistol grip.
That way I’ll have a full stock grip and a pistol grip that I can interchange
for different scenarios. I’m planning on buying it from RedWolf,
assuming they have it in stock, and I don’t find a better deal in the UK. (update
February 17, 2001 RedWolf don’t have it in stock, and won’t have it for ages)

is the closest image of the rifle I’m after I could find – I modified
it slightly in PhotoShop

The rifle comes in
2 variations, the M500SSB (super sonic barrel) and the M500SSB Shorty.

The ‘Shorty’ version
comes with a shortened barrel (by about 2 inches) and a pistol-grip style
stock. The straight ‘M500’ has a large stock, which looks much like any
other shotgun stock, made of tough ABS plastic.

You can then get these
as either a gas or spring version.

There are also
options from Marushin to have full-wood grips and stocks. These do look rather
nice, but they add a hefty 10% or so to the price, and as I’m not made of money,
I’m going to stick to the straight matt-black rifle. Again, these options can
be found at most retail websites, particularly RedWolf,


(Added February
17, 2001)
From speaking to various folks, and doing a bit of web research
I’ve found out a few things. Apparently ‘SSB’ is Marushin’s hop-up system,
I’ve got no idea how it works, but I assume that there will be images and a
manual in the box when I get it.

The ammo (150
bb’s) is loaded into the lower barrel in 3 separate inner barrels, and after
you have fired the first 50, you have to turn the lower barrel 1/3 of a turn,
to fire the next set, and so on. I also gather that it can fire 3-5 rounds,
I don’t know if this is variable, or if different models fire different amounts.

I also found
what I believe to be the correct gas valve upgrade from ANGS
– see below.

You want
a what ?

The other impossible-to-find
bit of kit I’m after is a leather (or equivalent) back holster. If anyone’s
seen “Evil Dead 2” (or 3) they’ll know what I’m after; it’s
much like a leather pistol holster but strapped across your back, allowing
you to draw the rifle out, over your shoulder. I’ve searched everywhere,
and can’t find one.

There’s only 3 decent
gun-shops near me anyway, so I may need to look a little further afield,
or just make it myself. As my Gran’s a demon with a needle I may see if
I can ask a favour =)

I’ve pulled some images
off my “Evil Dead 2” and “Army of Darkness”
DVDs to show you what I mean:

hag explains to Ash why dental hygiene really is so important

at the surrounding crowd, Ash realised that he really shouldn’t have drunk
those last 15 pints of lager.

As people who read
my site know, I have an extensive movie collection, and I have
a habit of taking screen grabs from obscure and/or classic movies. For
anyone who doesn’t know – the bloke in these screen shots is ‘Ash’ played
by Bruce Cambell (he does the voice-over for Johnny Bravo, amongst other

If you haven’t seen,
either “Evil Dead 2” or “Army of Darkness”-
go out and buy them, NOW!. (Don’t bother with “Evil Dead 1”,
unless you are a real horror movie buff)

They are kinda obscure
so you’ll have to go to Play247
or DVDMod and
buy them online (if you are in the UK)- I really recommend them if you
like funny, classic ‘B’ movies. Oh, and buy the Anchor Bay Region1
release if you can – it’s better.

at the out-of-focus horse Ash knew he was still badly hung-over…

big chief! – Why we in big pseudo-iron-age quarry?

You can find the EvilDead2
page at IMDB here.
Anyone got any thoughts on the construction or purchase of this? – If so send
me an email .

Power Valve Upgrade

Having had a look
around on the web I’ve found what I believe to be the correct valve upgrade
for the gas M500. The parts number is ANG-VP006, you can
find it on the ANGS
under their products section. I’ve emailed RedWolf to see
if they can get it for me, as ANGS will not ship internationally (so they
say on their website) .

It looks like it’ll
be a real bummer to fit, as so far I cannot find ANY instructions for
this upgrade in English.. Ah well – life wouldn’t be as fun if things
like this were easy.

This is the only
image I can find of the valve set, courtesy angs.co.jp

External Links

There’s a nice review with
images of the spring shorty version, at the Team
TANGO website

You can find another review
at the ‘Southern
California Airsoft League’
website. It’s a review of the spring action shorty
– but still worth a read.

This page
last updated:

Saturday, February 17, 2001 10:55 PM

Images from
the RedWolf website
are noted, and copyright RedWolf Airsoft
from Evil Dead 2 & 3 are copyright 2001 AnchorBay

copyright 2001Arnie’s

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