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M93r Review

by Arnie

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A few images of my 1st
Gen’ KSC M93r: ( From these pictures I hope you can see what I am going to
describe. )


This is just
the start of my website reviews.
couple of conversations spurred me into getting this site online and this
is the first review of a weapon I have done.
please forgive me if the terminology is incorrect, but the gist of it should
make sense. Secondly please treat this ‘review’ as a homepage for my gun,
I’ll get round to a proper review, with specs etc sometime later…



  • Outer
    frame covering
  • Blowback
  • Outer barrel
  • Lower magazine



The grip is made
of a mock-wood effect plastic, it may be ABS, it may not (anyone know?).
The quality of the wood effect is rather good. ( Much better than the
oak effect stuff on a Range Rover HSE dashboard =)



  • Trigger
  • Magazine case
  • Foregrip
  • Inner frame
  • Inner slide frame
  • Fire select
  • Slide release
  • Safety
  • Mag release



Good points:

  1. Most importantly, it
    will scare anyone you point (and fire) it at silly during a skirmish. The
    sound of this weapon firing is truly awesome.
  2. It looks real mean.
  3. It can empty an entire
    mag (38 rounds) onto a poor unsuspecting member of the opposition, quicker
    than they can say ‘Ow.. HIT!’.
  4. It has an impressive
    build quality. – Don’t get duped into buying the KSC 2nd gen, the 1st
    gen is much better for very little extra.
  5. Accuracy is good (at
    least as good as you can expect from a pistol barrel)

Bad points:

  1. Ammo gets fired at an
    alarming rate. If you get a chance get at least 2 extra mags for it. (I have
  2. It’s not made by WesternArms…….
  3. The decals for the fire
    selector ( single, auto and triple) are quite easy to rub off.
  4. Holsters are difficult
    to find ( * see later note)

All in all the pistol is
great, and personally I love it. Having compared it to the infamous WA 5″
Infinity Hybrid and the 3.9″ compact, I’d have to say I’d still take the
M93r. If you do think about buying one, I’d just like to make a few recommendations
from personal experiance:

    • Make sure the mags
      are secure in the pistol, as they have a nasty habit of falling out if you
      don’t secure them correctly. As the mags are real heavy, if they fall out
      onto a hard surface, they will make a nasty dent on the bottom of the mag.
    • Grease it well with
      Silicon-Spray inside the slide, I have loads inside mine, and it makes the
      action a great deal smoother, plus it stops rust from sweaty palms/bodies/rain.
      It will also preserve the internal workings, particularly the ‘triple shot’
      mechanism. I tend to then put 2 rounds through it to get rid of any excess
      on the slide, then wipe off any external excess.
    • Don’t fire it upside
      down, it’ll just blow gas out the top.-Only WA guns seem to be able to do
      this. The gun has a quoted firing angle of +/1 25 degrees.
    • Keep gas in the mags
      as it keeps the values in good condition.


With the size of the fore-grip,
it is very difficult to find a holster that fits this weapon properly. I have
searched high and low for holsters for this weapon, and contacted every manufacturer
I know by email. These are the holsters that have been confirmed by the reseller/manufacturer
as being suitable for the M93r

Mill Force Tactical Thigh Holster

Daniel Collins (a.k.a
Gun_King) at ZeroOne was kind enough to confirm that this is the correct

MK23 Thigh Rig

According to RedWolf
this MK23 holster will hold the KSC. If these guys say it’ll fit, I believe

BH 9mm holster

Ron at Bagmaster,
recommends this rig. Currently it’s the best value for money holster I
can find.

As yet I haven’t purchased
a holster, and I currently keep mine tucked in the inside pocket in my tac-vest.
If anyone has found any holsters that do fit, that I haven’t mentioned, gimme
a shout .




This weapon was bought from
Wolf Armories. Prices
were: £180 for the pistol, and £45 per mag.
can find a good (read professional) review of the KSC weapon at the RedWolf
website. DenTrinity have also done a rather swanky review of the 2 KSC models

If you can’t
really afford a KSC you can get the Omega version for a much cheaper price (
I understand the prices are £80 for the pistol and £15 per mag,
but the prices may be different from that now.
. Please note though, that the Omega version only has triple/single shot. People
with loads of dosh can buy 2 of the Omegas for that truly double-handed ‘Banzai
effect! Of course, it can be said that people with even more dosh, could buy
2 KSC’s . =)

ScorpioVI has
done a review of the Omega version here.
I have it on good authority that you can purchase the Omega version from Uttings:

Uttings Gun Co
54 Bethel St
NR2 1NR United Kingdom
Tel: 01603 619811


Well this is my personal
pistol, so I can’t do much else other than recommending it. The triple-shot
is really useful as it slows your rate of fire down and forces you to actually
aim at targets, rather than just emptying complete mags at people with
the hope that a couple of shots will clip the target. – But I didn’t buy it
for that, I wanted something different, I wanted something that was fun to use,
and packed a punch. I found these qualities in the M93r.

I was originally going to
buy the ‘Auto-9’ RoboCop version, but the salesman at Wolf
, convinced me that it was just too impractical.

As with any quality blowback-pistol,
if you take care of it, it should last a very long time. I haven’t found any
other pistol that attracts so much attention when you fire it. It really is
the ‘M134 Vulcan cannon’ of the pistol world.

of the KSC M93r in action

except where noted are copyright 2001 Arnie’s

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