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by Arnie









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This is the start of a new addition of technical information to the site.
The “Technical Pages“, will include the slightly more
complex aspects of airsoft maintenance. Therefore these pages will include:

  • details for
    upgrades (if available), and their fitting
  • technical diagrams
  • parts listings
  • and any other
    relevant data I come across

Gen Parts Diagram:
Here you’ll find an link to an image
on the left of the exploded parts diagram for the KSC M93r (1st and
2nd gen). This has been scanned in from the manual that came with
the pistol in the box.

Click the image
to the left to get a larger version
of the image.

Parts Diagram:
You’ll also find the exploded parts diagram
for the KSC Auto9 (the RoboCop replica) linked and thumbnailed to the

Click the image
to the left to get a larger
of the image.

In the box with your KSC M93r variant you’ll
find a few curious tools. One is a small allen key, the other
is a small cut piece of steel.

These tools are
for adjusting the “hop-up”, this is the cunning mechanism
that puts back-spin on the BB, to create a straight and more accurate
flight-path. To adjust the hopup, you need to turn the small brass ring
that’s found at the rear of the barrel (which can be viewed by locking
the slide back) with the custom tool provided.

Turning the brass
ring anti-clockwise (to the left) turns hop-up ON.

Turning the brass
ring clockwise (to the right) turns hop-up OFF.

This can be shown
in more detail on the image to the left. Click on the image to view
larger version of it. You
don’t need to turn the brass dial a great deal. – I’d recommend adjusting
it by no more than 1/8th of a turn at a time (testing BB shot
accuracy between adjustments).

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