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Maxpedition Thermite Versipack

by Arnie

MaxPedition Thermite Versipack
By Arnie

/ Green / Khaki / Woodland Camo / Desert Camo
Dimensions: 8″ x
4.75″ x 3″ (main compartment)
M.S.R.P. 39.99 USD

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MaxPedition? MaxPedition were
a relatively unknown name to me until I heard from Jack at Woodland
. Having a browse of their website when I heard from them
I came across a
range of products called MexPedition
that they were selling and
was impressed with the designs and pricing for these products. Obviously
you can’t appraise actual quality until you see the product yourself,
and Jack kindly offered to send over a couple of samples for me to have
a look at. This review is the second in a series from Woodland Organics.
Up For review this time is the rather handy Thermite Versipack.

First impressions: The brief from the official MaxPedition website
states that:

Thermite Versipack by MAXPEDITION is a versatile waistpack that can be
worn or removed with a snap of a quick release buckle.  It comes
with a leg strap for extra security but can also be shoulder slung as
a sideways backpack.  Nine separate spaces provide a wide variety
of carrying configurations, with a pouch in front designed specifically
with your PDA in mind.

As before their advertising information is spot on.. but as ever
it’d darn boring to just leave things like that.

Product details: The Versipack range are a series of outdoor
style carry bags. Specifically here we’re looking at the Thermite but also
available in similar stylings are the Proteus and Fatboy. The Proteus is similar
to a pistol range bag, whereas the Fatboy is a larger version of the Thermite
with a more diagonal.

The Termite is a drop leg pouch, but also doubles as an underarm
bag if needed. Featuring a teflon fabric protector made by DuPont, the material
is protected from stains, is breathable/durable and easier to look after. Available
in Black
/ Green / Khaki / Woodland Camo / Desert Camo there should be a material colour
scheme to suit most situations.

So what do you get? There’s a main compartment
under a fast release buckle flap with quick pull adjustment, with a water-resistant
drawstring inner cover. Inside the main pouch is a front and rear divider to
store any items you want to easily find such as papers or perhaps ID card of
some form.

Left: pouch access that runs down the rear of the bag.
Right: inner waterproof drawstring cover

In the flap itself you’ll find a zip closed small pocket,
and another zipped pocket along the back of the pouch accessable from the
top for things such as maps. To the sides of the pouch are two smaller storage
areas, closed over with a very secure adjustable velcro strap. These smaller
pockets are suitable for things such as utility tools, surefire lamps, foldaway
knives or standard pistol magazines. Underneath the main flap is front compartment
with a simple sub divider within.

Left: smaller side pockets. Right: front compartment
under main flap

The rear of the pack that rests against your body is padded and
made of breathable material that helps reduce sweat and moisture buildup between
you and the pack itself.

Left: front view. Right: rear view

The main/waist strap is a simple design with adjustable buckle
and fast release buckle. The leg strap is easily removeable allowing you to
detach it and store it away inside the bag itself if you’re just carrying the
bag over your shoulder. Whilst the leg strap is also adjustable there’s a large
expandable section with a strong elastic area built into it which allows a
much better fit to your leg in a mobile situation.

How does it perform? Obviously like most outdoor
products there are two applications for the Thermite pack.

The pack makes a
handy addition to standard issue kit, with the bag equally adapt at performing
as a medical pouch, electronics storage, or simply as a handy magazine pouch.

For non military and non law enforcement purposes, or for just
outdoor useage the pouch makes a handy camera bag or similar for anyone looking
for convenient outdoor personal storage.

It should be noted that the pack looks to be designed to be worn
on the right leg (with the main belt buckle to the front). That said the Versipack
can easily be worn on your left leg witht he disadvantage being that the main
buckle would obviously be on your left towards your back (around the kidnet
area) which might not be to everyone’s tastes. The leg strap is removeable
so easily reversable, allowing you to have that buckle pretty much anywhere
you like.

Conclusion: It’s
a handy drop leg bag, suitable for pretty much any purpose, well built and
made to last you won’t be disappointed.
MaxPedition‘s name
and their equipment, whilst relatively new to me, are certainly growing on
me and proving themselves to be suppliers of some pretty nicely made versatile

Anyone looking for outdoor drop leg storage, or any serving members
of the forces looking to pad out their issue gear won’t be disappointed.

Update: It should be noted that Woodland
have decided to not stock MaxPedition gear
(I am unsure as to why) but will continue to supply it on a limited basis. My
advice is that if you’re interested in their products to place an order quickly
for the MaxPedition products
before they are unavailable.

Since we announced
that we were no longer going to be stocking MaxPedition gear, we have been
flooded with emails asking us to reconsider. Thank you for taking the time
and effort to let us know your thoughts!

We have
decided, because of the response that we have received, that we will continue
retailing MaxPedition products but on a limited basis. We will no longer
hold physical stock and will be operating on a pre-order system only.

by Arnie


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Friday, August 27, 2004 11:09 PM
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