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MGC H&K P7M13 review

by Arnie

H&K P7M13 review

review Brian
James aka Chimaera

Length: ???
Weight: ???




the author

Brian Hunt
Place of residence: Long Island, New York, USA
Age: 26
Profession: Residential home contractor
Marital status: M
Children: yes, one 16-month-old son
Air soft status: collector
Years collecting: 1
Hobbies: collecting and shooting guns, longboard surfing, salt &
fresh water fishing.

am not the best person for giving a review on Airsoft guns since
I am very new to the sport, but I do know real steel. I started
with guns at the age of seven when my father gave me a co2 pistol.
The gun came in handy on our family trips up country. There the
gun was used for shooting cans, birds, and frogs.

As I grew up
so did my taste in guns. I went from co2 air pistols and lever cocking
air rifles to 410 shotguns and 22 rim fire rifles. Before I knew
it I was twenty-one and a licensed handgun owner. Since receiving
my licences I have collected twenty-three handguns. My collection
consists of guns from: Colt, Heckler & Koch, Ruger, and Sig

I got into Airsoft?

One day while surfing the web for rare versions of heckler and koch p7
pistol I stumbled on a review of a p7m13 from Japan. The text was unreadable,
and I was going to close the site when I noticed that the clip of the
gun was unlike any p7 I have ever see. More web searching led me to the
sport of air soft and the MGC version of my favorite gun (P7M13). The
thought of a bb version of the p7 really intrigued me and I had to have
one for my collection of p7(8 to be exact). After about sixteen months
of searching I found someone how had one.

the real steel

The p7 is the best handgun ever made! The p7 can be drawn, cocked and
fired accurately faster then any other pistol. The unique H&K cocking
lever allows the p7 to be carried safely with one round in the chamber,
yet it is ready fire by the natural tightening of the fingers around the
grip. Releasing the lever immediately decocks the gun and renders it completely
safe. In other words if a person gets there hand on your p7 they wouldn’t
know how to shoot the gun unless they were familiar with the p7 series.

The gun is also safe
since the pull strength on the lever is too strong for children and most
women to squeeze. You would never have to worry about your kid shooting
there self or a friend, and when your wife has a midlife crisis she wont
be able to shoot off your Johnson. Besides being a great gun for concealed
carry the gun is also ambidextrous and has a constant, uniform trigger
pull. The gun comes in many calibers: p7m7(45 auto) ultra rare, p7m8(9mm)
8 shot clip, p7m10(40 s&w), p7m13(9mm) 13 shot clip, and the p7k3(22lr,
.32, .380). Pure German engineering at its best!

For the review:
MGC P7M13 compared to the real steel

Simply put, looking at it in the box it is impossible to tell the difference.
Upon picking the gun up I couldn’t tell the difference in weight. While
examing the gun I found all serial numbers and proof marks identical to
the real steel (w/ the addition to “made in Japan” and “asgk”).
All functions of the gun match its real steel brother. The clip release
and squeeze cocking mechanism are identical. The strength it takes to
pull the slide, and squeeze the cocking lever are very close to the real
thing. With the slide back you can see a tilted plastic barrel. Though
this doesn’t match the H&K version it is easily over looked.

gun is solid and other then the difference in the weight of a loaded magazine
there is almost no way to tell the difference. One thing that didn’t match
the real thing was the cocking pin indicator. On the real gun there is
a pin on the back of the slide. When the gun is cocked this pin stick
out to let you know the gun is ready to fire. When the gun is decocked
this pin is flush. Surprising a company that has gone so out its way to
replicate a gun would not follow trough with this detail.

length width height weight mag capacity
H&K 175mm 33mm 135mm 850g


MGC 175mm 33mm 135mm 850g 15

Specs say it all!
This gun is a perfect replica. Note that this gun replicates the P7M13
made from 1983-1993. After ’93 the gun went through some minor changes.
The overall length and height was made a bit smaller, the engraving on
the gun was made larger and more visible, and the slide removal button
went from being circular textured with a bevel to a checkered texture
with out a bevel. A perfect example of the change can be seen by the Tokyo
Marui version of the P7M13

The gun is very accurate; at 3m the gun easily made 25mm groups. At 7m
the gun made groups with in 60mm and at 10m the guns still made groups
in 100mm. Even at 15m the gun hit the target thought not in any real pattern.

The gun at 20m could
still handle a human target no problem. As for gun mechanics I have put
about 3000 bb thorough it and it is still working fine.

The only problems
I have experienced is the slide sometimes not locking back in when the
mag is empty. I have also had the mag leaking a little bit, but a bit
of silicon spray fixed that.












This replica would appeal to all concealed carry buffs and P7 fans.

Review by Brian James aka



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