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MP5K Review

by Arnie

(stock fps may vary)
Length: 325mm
Weight: 1.5kg

Ammo capacity:


28/50 rounds
(standard mag)

200/240 rounds
(hi-cap mag)

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The concept for the MP5k was first spoken off when the HK South America
division called on the need for a small, powerful and fast firing submachine
gun, for use in protecting important people. Without causing suspicion
in carrying them. The first MP5kA1 was produced in 1976, and had a semi
automatic or fully automatic operation. To give it its full title: Heckler
and Koch MP5 Kurz a1 close quarter 9mm submachine gun.

of the later models, although there are more, are the MP5kA4, basically
the same as the first model, although with a rubberised foregrip, and
the same set of iron sights as the rest of the MP5 series. The MP5kA5,
which had a three shot burst option, as well as semi and full auto. One
of the more famous, the MP5 K PDW (personal defence weapon) included a
side folding stock, and a large flash suppresser.

Airsoft Replica information

Calibre – 6mm bb Stock fps
– between 280-310 fps
Rate of fire – 850 rpm Effective range – up to 50 meters
Mag capacity – 28/50 (standard) 200/240 (hi cap)
Gearbox – Version 2 Battery – AK type 600 mah

Cosmetic accessories:
Laser/flashlight foregrip, Sight mount for laser or torch, Claw mount for scope,
scopes and rings, various flash hiders, silencers, extended barrels, and thread

Internal upgrades: Stronger
springs and pistons, metal bushings, EG1000 motor, metal gears, Hi speed helical
gears, and Extended TN barrels.

A very curious looking AEG, this one. It has an mp5 receiver, but a shortened
cocking tube, a vertical foregrip, a shorter magazine, and no stock. It is about
30 cm long, and can easily fit under a jacket, or a very large pocket. It never
gets in the way, and never is awkward to carry. The k is matt black, and very
vicious looking, although not exactly as imposing as an M60E3. You can buy a
very useful shoulder holster type sling, which clips to your belt, and holds
the replica snugly to your side, and can be quickly released to fire.

The first thing you think when you hear “MP5K” is short barrel.
This SHOULD mean it’s inaccurate, however, for some reason, its as accurate
as an Mp5a5, or a similar sized AEG. Why? Marui magic pixie dust is all
I can think of. You can hit a man sized target at 40 meters without much
difficulty, and if you have the hop set up correctly, you can get people
at as far as 50 meters!

The ROF is impressive,
about 14 rounds a second, and with a 28 round standard mag… Not much
of a problem, 2 200 round hicaps will do you nicely for a skirmish, despite
complaints from all the trigger happy nutters out there, god bless em.
Or, if the long mags aren’t to your taste, you can use the double short
mags, which look like 2 short mags clipped together. A clever feature,
on the side that doesn’t go into the magwell, two fake 9mm bullets can
be seen, push them back to reveal the 120 round reservoir, the other 120
are stored in the other mag, making a 240 shot capacity. This AEG is the
ultimate CQB weapon available, with a good mag capacity, small size and
good looks and ROF.

MP5k stripped, with battery, mag and foregrip removed

Although the mp5k has very few of the same parts as its bigger brothers,
it is still very upgradeable. Aside from the internal upgrades, such as
an m90 or m100 spring, metal bushings or other such technical mumbo, you
can get a lot of very useful and also good looking dress up parts. A vast
range of silencers, muzzle breaks, flash suppressers and thread adapters
are available, to either house an extended barrel or deaden the sound,
or even just to look good.

You can get a very
useful foregrip that houses a torch or a laser, made by Smokey’s Gun
, and most of the Marui mp5 sight accessories will fit the k,
such as scopes and the front sight mount for laser/torch. There is one
problem with the k; the lack of a stock. Although it reduces its mobility,
it triples the comfort and accuracy. PDW stocks are like gold dust, so
many people use m4 style stocks, I have also done this. It looks very
tactical, and is simple to attach. I will explain in a separate section
(see below). The mp5a4/sd5 stock can be fitted, but it requires quite
heavy modification to fit properly, and is to large for the k, making
it look odd.

Although the k is a very good AEG, it does have problems. Firstly, the AK type
battery is quite low capacity, and a second one is highly recommended. An external
battery bag is an option, although it looks poor, and can slip around. Also,
wires get in the way, and can get damaged. Another AK battery will get through
a days skirmishing, although the trigger happy nutters I mentioned earlier may
need another. Another problem is the stock, or lack of one. It is hard to hold
the k steady and aim at the same time, especially due to the relatively lightweight,
giving it a bit more kick than most AEGs. Thirdly, and finally, the battery
is awkward to replace, as you have to remove the butt plate and the foregrip,
and you have to make sure you keep hold of the three pins.

to fit an XM/M4 stock to an MP5k

You will need: A 180mm long
bolt, and a nut of the same width
A drill
A junior hacksaw
Some Loctite glue
Oh yeah, and an xm/m4 stock

Step 1: Remove the
stock, and slide the stock itself of, leaving the stock tube.
Step 2: Take off the mp5k buttplate, and drill a hole in the centre,
the right size for the bolt you have.
Step 3: Position the stock on the mp5k buttplate, and hold it in place
with loctite superglue.
Step 4: Put the bolt through, so it protrudes through the butt plate.
Screw on the nut, and tighten it as much as you can, then cut off the protruding
piece of the bolt.
Step 5: Slide the stock back on, and reattach the stock and buttplate
to the AEG.


This AEG is an excellent
skirmish weapon, it is as good as most AEGs, and can hold its own in CQB
better than most. Although the battery and stock problems are annoying,
they are a minor gripe, and the stock can be sorted with a few bolts and
an old springer. The k makes an excellent snipers backup, and the perfect
CQB weapon. It is also very good looking, and can be used in any situation.


Very cool, and funky looking.


Too small to have barrel wobble etc.


Only because of the battery and stock problem

for Money

Excellent replica for as little as £90 in HK


Very useful skirmish weapon, can be used in
Almost any situation, shame about the battery.

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– they have the MP5k technical manual online

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