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MP5 Tactical Handguards

by Arnie

MP5 Tactical Handguards
English version translated
by Roy
Original Chinese version is
The HK MP5 Sub Machine Gun has
always been a favorite amongst military-police/airsofters, and I no exception
to this: my very first airsoft gun was a Tokyo-Marui
MP-5A5 which i still own today.
One of the most unique qualities of the MP5 series I’ve noticed is, the
more you throw onto it, the better it looks: be it red-dot scopes, laser
sights, scope mounts, or a RIS, everyone can customize their MP-5s to
their own personal needs/taste. However, the one thing that almost everyone
seems to have on their MP5s is the Tactical Hanguard.

The “real deal” SureFire Tactical
The MP5 Series has always been one
of Tokyo-Marui‘s
more better selling models, and it was only a matter of time until Tokyo-Marui
released a tactical hanguard, which of course, they did. Unfortunately,
their version of the MP-5 tactical handguard had a few serious faults
  • It was made of plastic, had a
    very shiny finish.
  • The included flashlight was relatively
  • The flashlight activation switch
    was only 1cm in length and width, unlike the “strip” activation swtich
    like the real deal.
But despite these drawbacks, airsofters
still picked up these handguards like crazy, all happily opening up their
wallets for this Tokyo-Marui’s interpretation.
Later, a Hong Kong based company,
G&P set their sights on this market, and released a slightly improved
version of the tactical handguard. A big pro on this model though, was that
it could used SureFire bulbs, and had the same amazing lighting power like
the real deal. This version quickly dominated the market, with a few players
even modifying their Tokyo-Marui tactical handguards quite crudely to accept
the G&P produced flashlight.
G&P version of the MP5 Tactical
Not too long ago, Classic
, the producers of the popular metal bodies decided
to produce their own version of the MP-5 series tactical handguard themselves.
In order to gain an advantage over the G&P version which had dominated
the market for quite some time, Classic Army made a few important design
  • The flashlight was made to resemble
    the real SureFire version much more closely, one of G&P’s version’s
    drawbacks, and
  • adjusted their price in order
    to agressively attack G&P’s domination of the market. One Hong
    Kng based website even hailed the Classic
    Handguard as the “Cheaper version of the G&P”.
MP-5 Series Tactical Handguard
‘s tactical handguard had quite a few improvements,
but because of the aggressive pricing, there were a few negative results.
  • The quality of the work on the
    handguard was mediocre, and a clear copy of the G&P version (used
    same molds?)
  • The Flashlight only had the same
    diameter as the real steel. Texturing and other physical traits were
    completely ignored. (Patent problems? Production Costs?)
  • The finish on the product was
    not that good: too shiny, and the texture was nothing close to the real
  • The internal wiring is a mess:
    The wires are hot glued or just stuffed into the handguard.
The Intruder Shop long ago announced
it was going to make a version that would deal with all of the problems
in the other versions, but it was a good 8 months before the final
product was finally created. It is said that they had to prolong production/design
of the product three times in order to create a handguard that would live
up to it’s promise of being the best ever produced in the airsoft world.

Well after all this time, have they produced something
worth the wait? Two days ago I was given some time to get a few looks at
their product, and take a few exclusive pictures.
MP5 Series Tactical Handguard
Jimmy Fan, the president of
the Intruder Shop
(which designs/produces all products of the Guarder lines of products) noted
a few unique characteristics of the tactical handguard
  • The flashlight mimics the real
    deal version extremely closely, without infringing on patents/copyrights.
    Compared to other version of the tactical handguard, the Guarder version
    beats them hands down.
From left to right: SureFire,
Guarder, ClassicArmy, and G&P version
  • The handguard itself is made to
    mimic the angle and curve of the SureFire tactical handguard. Previous
    version by Tokyo-Marui, Classic Army, and G&P all do not mimic this.
    G&P and Classic Army’s version were copied off the Tokyo-Marui version,
    hence they inherited the weakness of the Tokyo-Marui Version.
From left to right¡GSureFire,
Guarder, ClassicArmy, and G&P version
  • Guarder’s texturing of their handguard
    makes it impossible to distinguish it from the real deal with the naked
    eye. Mr. Fan noted that SureFire’s texturing is especially detailed/expensive,
    and increasing production costs a great deal (please note the enhanced
    digital pictures below comparing the textures of the hand guards)
G&P’s Texturing
ClassicArmy’s Texturing.
Notice how it seems to be less detailed/thorough?
SureFire’s texuring
Guarder’s texuring:
Only with extreme magnification can you note the differences between
this version at the SureFire’s.
Only after taking pictures and listening
to Mr. Fan did I see the careful and thoughtful design concepts incorporated
into this product.

Also, the flashlight can be seperately purchased, and due
to the design, it is possible to unscrew the body of the flashlight from
the handguard, and attach a seperately purchased (available from SureFire)
button switch, during it into a easily carried 6P for personal use.

Also, people who already own the G&P version will be delight! This modified
flahlight body can also be mounted on the G&P handguard, upgrading the
power of G&P immediately!

Finally, the handguard is made of FRP(Fiber Reinforced Polymer, unlike the
plain old plastic of other brands). Initially it was planned to use the
same nylon material as the SureFire real deal version, but due to difficulties
in producing that type of material along with high costs, this was dropped
in favor of FRP. (It is rumoured that more than half the time spent on this
project was devoted to in the attempt to use this material)

The Guarder produced tactical handguard which I’ve introduced to you will
be introduced to the market at the 2001 Taipei World Trade Center Toy Exhibition,
and trust me, I’m not gonna miss my chance to pick up this product!

(Note: At the time of this translation,
this product has been on the local market for 3 months already, and is available
from most international dealers)
by Mustang / If you have any questions
or comments, please feel free to email me. Thanks!

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