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by Arnie


By Arnie



If you’re out and about, food that you can eat at any point, doesn’t take up a huge amount of room and lasts a longish period is always welcome. Outdoor food (and a lot of the milspec rations) sometimes leave a lot to be desired, and personally speaking I prefer my food to have a bit of bite to it.

Sure Peperami products aren’t exactly fat free, but if you’re outdoor on the move and exirting energy you don’t want fat free food. The recent “Firestick” varient of the Peperami brand spiked my interest, and lets face it their TV adverts (if you’ve seen them) certainly emblaze the name subliminally in your mind.

A few emails to the guys responsible for Peperami marketing in the UK later and we got a few of their latest products to try out.

I tend ot keep a can of redbull and a small pack of longlife food in the back of my car

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Monday, November 22, 2004 8:05 PM
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