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Airsoft Clan Review

by Arnie

Clan Review

Thursday, April 18, 2002

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Experience purchasing an Airsoft Gun
This is was
my first experience with over seas retailers and airsoft guns.
I started this experience with a search for the best listed prices
for the guns. Then I hunted for retailer reviews. After finding
which retailers were most liked by fellow airsofters I sent out
a request for pricing. For me purchasing a gun wasn’t just finding
one place and ordering it was a process.

Since money doesn’t grow on trees (maybe I just haven’t found
the secret yet?) I searched for the best deal. I went to different
teams ‘links’ sections to find retailers. I found that War
Gamers Club
, Red
, AirsoftShop
and Airsoftclan.com
had the most competitive prices. I asked my self what set these
retailers apart from each other? I had to find an answer to this

To answer my question I had to do a little investigating. I went
to Airsoftplayers.com
and Airsoftzone.com’s forums. Most people just said things like
‘Great service’ or ‘Fast delivery’ for WGC,
and AirsoftShop.
People said different things for Airsoftclan.com. The overwhelming
thing they said was ‘Mike from airsoftclan.com is a nice guy’.
For the most part none of the postings said airsoftclan.com had
great service or fast shipping. After reading up on the different
retailers it was time to send out price quotes.

I sent out request for pricing to Red
, Den
, AirsoftShop,
and Airsoftclan.com.
I sent Airsoftclan.com
the first request. After sending it I decided that I wanted to
see personally what set these vendors apart? So I formed up an
email that said:

I am very interested in buying an AK-47 from you guys. But being
this is my first gun I had a few questions. Your prices are pretty
much the same as every other dealer in Hong Kong what make your
service any better. I guess this is what determines who I end
up ordering from. Is there any way I can get the gun by Saturday
if I paid via paypal? Thanks Steve’.

formulated this after sending the request to Airsoftclan.com.
So I sent an email to them asking if they can get the gun here
by Saturday. The next morning my inbox box had responses from
and WGC.
Let me start with WGC.
They responded with:

sir,Compare with other company, we are not the best so we need
to do much better in otehr way!! =)

thought well at least they are honest. Next was Eddie from Airsoftshop.
He said that it was impossible to guarantee that the gun gets
here by Saturday. He gave me a forty percent chance of it getting
here by Saturday. Then was the response from Mike (Airsoftclan.com).
He gave me a lower price and said that he could get it here by
Saturday. I initially thought was that this guy just BS’en me?
From what I’ve read it takes 3-7 days for the guns to get to the
U.S. from Hong Kong. Mike seemed very confident in his E-mail.
I chose to buy from Airsoftclan.com.

Mike was confident that if I paid that day (Monday) that the gun
would get here by Saturday. I was like great! Only one problem
I didn’t have his Paypal account for Paypal in any of his emails!
I sent him a message asking for it. Then I decided to read his
quote and of course towards the bottom of the page there was his
Pay Pal billing address. I felt dumb. I then sent the money. I
was worried that since it took me so long to send the money my
gun wouldn’t get here. But Mike said he would do his best. Mike
was very patient with my newbiness. He shipped the gun Tuesday.
He told me that the UPS folks told him the parcel would arrive
in 2-3 days. Mike later told me that he had never used UPS but
they were the only one who could get the gun here within the requested
time frame. It looks like he did some research and it paid off.
I received the gun the NEXT DAY. That’s right next day shipping!
He didn’t charge me more that the quoted price or even request
more funds later. The gun came nicely wrapped. I don’t think customs
checked it because there wasn’t any of that notorious yellow customs
tape anywhere on the package. Everything was packed nice and snug.
There were papers taped to the outside of the box (underneath
the paper wrapping) that basically said:

is a toy gun made of metal and plastic. If you have any questions
please contact Steve Callow at (Then my phone number).”

thought that was a nice touch. My AK had orange painted from the
flash hider to the front of the foresight. The only thing that
wasn’t there were the manuals. He emailed me right after he shipped
it telling me that he forgot the manuals and that we would send
them to me using the same shipping the next day. I was just happy
to my new toy the manuals didn’t spoil my opinion of the service
any. (Airsoftplayers.com
has all the manuals on there site). I was extremely pleased with
the parcel and service.

Mike from Airsoftclan.com
didn’t turn out to be this nice guy everyone was saying he was.
He turned out to be awesome. I would have expected the service
I received if I was ordering a thousand dollars in merchandise
but I only paid him three hundred and seventeen dollars. I only
wish that every retailer would treat people like Airsoftclan.com
treated me. If you are looking for any airsoft products give Mike
and Airsoftclan.com
a look before going any were else. Mike went above and beyond
the call of any retailer to gain my business then and in the future.

This is maybe more of a ‘How to’ on finding a retailer. I have
all the Emails if anyone wishes to see them. For any question
Please Email me at diablo2items@attbi.com















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