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AirsoftKit Review

by Arnie


(aka Speedman)

Sunday, November 24, 2002 3:32 PM

things first, I’m not new to airsoft, I still remember the joys
of building my Marui M92F springer! Yes, airsoft in kit form,
Airfix kits that hurt! After I got hooked I bought a few springer
handguns and then after a few years I laid my arms to rest and
retired from the combat arena (back garden with my mates) forever.
Or so I thought…

went to a Sci-Fi convention a couple of years ago and was told
a good costume goes down really well. The three nanoseconds
it took to decide on a costume was the easy part, any of the
characters from The Matrix. Unfortunately, due to the fact they
all carry enough weaponry to turn the Middle East into a ‘nice’
beach resort, I decided my old collection of pistols needed

spectacular was purchased, just the Academy kit of a M16A1.
As it only cost £35 I was not expecting much, and as far
as firing goes its pathetic but for looks it was great. I was
hooked again! A few more spring pistols, sub-machine guns and
shotguns later I decided to get a proper Airsoft weapon (something
you didn’t have to cock after each shot).

purchased a KSC Beretta M93R 1st version (after reading Arnie’s
review) from a UK airsoft company who’s name I wont mention.
First the packing was destroyed in the post – okay not all their
fault but better and more secure packing would have helped a
lot. Next the weapon was faulty (trigger pull would not drop
the hammer), I emailed them and they offered to replace it,
in the meantime I had fixed it buy refitting a return spring
that had come loose. Six months later, after only putting around
four hundred rounds through it the valve gave up completely!
I emailed them regarding this and was told to return it to them
and they would repair or replace it. That’s when the fun began.

sent it off mid-way through April, after many, many ignored
emails I received an email from this retailer to inform me a
new one was one the way, It was now July!!! So I came home from
work one night and promptly dropped everything to open the nice
brown paper wrapped parcel to find a KSC Berretta M93R 2nd version!
The wrong gun! Being a little more than upset about this an
email went off in under five minutes to the original seller,
who, more than a week later responded with an offer of a refund
as they couldn’t get the correct one for me. I accepted and
also got them to refund any postage that I incurred returning
it to them. Eighteen months from start to finish, I was not
a happy Airsofter – I had no weapon and no faith in Airsoft

decided to take my freshly refunded money and invest in my first
AEG. Only one problem, what do I get? I trolled through all
the review sites, forums and web shops for what seemed like
an age. And then one day I saw it… Marui’s H&K G3/SG-1.

started going through websites in earnest to find a good deal
and one day (and I still don’t know how I found them) I stumbled
across AirsoftKit
at www.airsoftkit.com.
Looking through their site I couldn’t help but notice the low
prices, and the following quote…

at AirsoftKit we believe that communication is vital to the
success of any retailer and as such we aim to keep you informed
at every step. If there is a problem with an order we will tell
you, if there is a delay we will tell you why and when your
order arrives with us you’ll be the first to know.

know that you have got sick of retailers taking your money and
giving you nothing in return for months which is why we won’t
take any money from you until the order is in our hands ready
to send out to you, simply fill in an order form send it to
us and we will get your products in stock before asking for

Good retail ethic, but could they live up to it?

used the online order form to get a quote for the rifle plus
a few extras to go with it. I had a reply less than four hours
later, a full quote with some advice on battery and charger
choice! Well to say that I was impressed was an understatement,
that was it, I was ordering from these guys. I filled out the
order form and indicated I wanted to use bank transfer as my
method of payment and received confirmation of my order by automatic
email within seconds, but what I didn’t expect was another email
a few hours later thanking me for the order, giving their bank
details for the money transfer when needed and promising to
keep me updated.

one nice feature on their web site is a countdown timer for
the number of days until their next order goes off to their
supplier. Now I will say the site is a little rough around the
edges, with a few links not yet up and running but one great
thing about it is it has no Flash, or fancy graphics to slow
browsing down if your using a 56K modem (I have Broadband and
its lightning quick browsing their site). One thing to remember
about the AirsoftKit
website is the fact that they are new, and like everyone, have
to start somewhere. Someone must have said, “Who are these
Marui guys anyway?”
in the past!

received an email to advise me the order had gone off to their
supplier, another a few days later to say it was on the way
to them and one more to telling me customs had held the shipment
for a day. (While 800,000 fags, 50 cases of single malt and
1/4 ton of ‘wacky backy’ passed through un-noticed)

emailed once more (They must go through a lot of keyboards in
a year!) to say my G3/SG-1 would be with me on the Thursday,
cool I thought. Thursday came and I rushed home from work to
find…nothing! Eeeeek! Where was my BFG?

booted my PC up to pop off a quick email to them but they beat
me to it, there, sitting in my inbox was an email apologising
for the lack of delivery. It went on to explain that Securicor
had not turned up to collect the orders and promised I would
receive my rifle the next day. Friday night I arrived home and
there it was, a huge brown paper wrapped box in the corner of
my hallway. I was on it in a second tearing off the paper like
hyperactive five year old after his 3rd pint of orange squash!

were a few dents in the cardboard lid but nothing had pierced
the packing, one nice touch was the piece of corrugated cardboard
placed on the bottom to protect the easily damaged polystyrene
(Take note other retailers!). Rifle delivered, almost on time
(But remember I wasn’t their fault and they had the courtesy
to tell me ASAP) and well packed for only £5.00! I was
very impressed.

emailed them soon after (As soon as I had enough self control
and will power to put the rifle down and stop drooling) to tell
them I had received it ok, and thank them for the good service.

receiving my order the have helped with a few enquiries and
I have just placed my 2nd order with them. I could have looked
around to see if anyone was cheaper (Unlikely) but what I want
is good service with a personal touch, which is what I get from
Once I’m up and running with my G3/SG-1 (And believe me what
I have planned for it scares me to death!) I will be getting
a Western Arms GBB from them as my side arm, they retail WA’s
Beretta M92FS Centurion perfect version for £150 less
than some other retailers!

a big thank you to the guys at AirsoftKit,
keep up the good work, it is noted and appreciated. And for
all those out there wanting airsoft weapons, upgrade parts,
accessories and supplies, give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

7/10 – Easy, fast browsing. Clear instructions for ordering.
Service 10/10 – Pre Sales service is fantastic, personal and
Customer Service 10/10 – I want to have their babies! (Didn’t
want to repeat ‘fantastic’)
Kit Available 8/10 – Good selection for a starting company.
Great prices.
Overall 8/10 – If they have what you want buy it from them and
get the best service a retailer can give. If they don’t ask
them, they’ll try to get it.



(aka Speedman)



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Sunday, November 24, 2002 5:00 PM
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