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RedWolf Review

by Arnie

Wednesday, September 30, 2002


I have purchased many airsoft guns and accessories
from Hong Kong and locally here in California. 
I have been very fortunate to have met an dealt with some great
people and purchased some great airsoft products and
services.  In most cases Japan will not ship airsoft directly
to the U.S. and precautions have to be made for Hong Kong retailers
to sell to the U.S. because of U.S. Gun Control Laws and Manufacturer

Location: Hong Kong
I have purchased 1 AEG
from Redwolf Airsoft and some accessories:


Marui M4 R.I.S.
I ordered this gun from RedWolf during
one of the Special Promotions.  It was VERY inexpensive and
included shipping costs and discount on extra Magazine, 
This was about 3 months after Marui released the M4 R.I.S. so
I was eager to place this order.  Added a Ready Mag System,
M120 Spring and upgraded Gears, 9.6 1700Mah Ready Mag batteries,
Systema M4 Metal Body, Bushmaster R.I.S. Shields, SAS 3 point
Sling and Norinco Red Dot Scope with handle mount. 
Currently this is how
the rig looks
RedWolf’s sales guy(s)
are very helpful and they will carry some trick items from time
to time. But there website is in some need of a shopping cart program. 
The have some nice reviews of airsoft products and a nice section for
the “do it yourselfer”.  Also their prices are eon the high
side compared to other Hong Kong retailers, but they will match
prices.  And as in the special deal I got on this M4, they
sometimes have insane sales.
The down side on this is
my M4’s gear box crapped out and plastic body broke a week after
I received it.  No fault on RedWolfs part, but emails went
unanswered pertaining to this. (They used to have a 7 day return
policy) but at tat time they just partnered up with The QProject local to California and they
tried to help me get this fixed for a discount.  I chose to
go with Airsoft Extreme though which are also
local to me in that I trust them from past work, upgrades and repairs. 
Thus the reason for the Metal body and gearbox upgrade. 
Their email replies are
prompt and pleasant and both pre sales communication are good.  
RedWolf offers alot
of Custom Rigs with some interesting variants of Marui AEGs and
with their partnership with The QProject offers some interesting
values if you choose to buy from Hong Kong.


– Nice layout and reviews: They made some major website
updates recently.


– Pre Sales service is great.  Post sales
needs some work.


– Great Communications


– Many custom configs available


– Great place to consider buying airsoft from.

RedWolf Airsoft


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