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by Arnie

Thoughts and information about the latest gear.

The reviews are written by friends, collegues and readers who have been kind enough to write and submit an article about their personal replica(s). The intention is to put forward a personal point of view, which will hopefully be informative and useful. If you have a review, and would like it to appear here, please get in touch with us. We try to keep the size for each page down to a minimum, so all images are edited and compressed to make them as small as reasonably possible.

Note: In order to reduce the size of the review pages (and to keep our 56k’rs happy out there) you can find reviews separated into sections below:

Review Sections

Spring, Gas, AEGs
Other Replicas

Bolt-action, Shotguns and Launchers
NBB, GBB, Spring
Parts, Electrics, Gas, BBs
Gear and Clothing
Gloves, Goggles

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