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Sturm Ruger Mk1 Maxi SSB

by Arnie

Ruger Mk1 Maxi SSB

(aka Nautilus)
edited by Arnie

Model Sturm
Ruger Mk1 Maxi SSB
Length: ???mm
Weight: ???g


15 rounds


what is it?
think it is fair to say that we have all learned to respect the Marushin Maxi
series over the years (Tony Dolan, the Dolphin Crew, Alan Tang, myself and
a good few others worship our M1
at least three times a day) and in what has already been something
of a busy year for the company, here comes yet another fine offering – maybe
– the Sturm Ruger Mk1.

The blurb goes on about
it being perfect for target shooters or assassins, and no matter the fact
that this seems to be taking a shot at Antonio Banderas, they seem
to have really hit the nail on the head as she is both accurate and powerful.

be told though there is not a very great deal else you can say about guns
like this. No blowback mechanism to fiddle with, no extensive metalwork
to criticize and such a simple operating fashion that I was really stuck
as to where to begin. That is
until Young Fred – of Sanko Sannomiya – simply dragged it out of
my hands and proceeded to brutally double hole drinks cans (see image to
the right). MAXI. It says it all, and a 9,800 yen gun that can outshoot
my Pro-killer as far as power goes certainly has my attention from the start.

OK, so its powerful,
but is there anything else to say. Well, while she isn’t the most accurate
target gun out there, at 8m she is still producing no more than 4 inch groups,
which is good enough and certainly makes her – when combined with her power
– an excellent back up weapon in the field. While we are in the general
area of “not so positive” points though, lets get them all out of the way.
The safety is a shade awkward to get at from the firing position and a little
stiff. Also, the magazine release is a wee bit fiddly to work and easy to
catch if you are not careful about it. Finially, as with all NBBs the trigger
stroke is loooooong one for a bod used to the crisp actions of WA GBBs.

I know I don’t have much a reputation for long and in depth reviews,
but this really is it for the Ruger. I have not had chance to take
her out in the field, but I have no doubt she will perform well enough.

Powerful, accurate,
simple and very cheap. Maybe not for everyone – indeed, NBBs have
a fair few doubters out there – but if you give her a chance I am
sure you will see the charm of the beast.

Build quality
Placky but tough.

Simple mechanism. Good power.

Value for
money. 5/5
. Less than 10,000 yen for a good solid hand cannon.


Prices as
of September 17, 2001: 9,800 yen. (normal barrel) 12,800 yen (bull



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