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Tanaka S.A.A .45 “Civilian” 1st Anniversary







Weight: 745 g
FPS w/ .30g & green gas
Effective Range:




1st Anniversary model of the Tanaka S.A.A .45  is based on the
“Civilian” model. The Civilian model has a  4 3/4 inch outer
barrel. If you dont compare them side by side, its sort of difficult
to tell one model from the other.  As you can see below, there
really isnt much of a difference:
1st Anniversary model comes standard with a very nice set of wood
grips. Its darker in color with gold Colt buttons on each side.
Since I prefered a lighter color grip to be on the anniversary
model, I just swapped them with the aftermarket grip I had on the
Artillery as shown.

not quite sure what the actual grip should be though. Some Japanese
airsoft magazines show the anniversary edition with the grips on the
left, which is what my gun came with, and other magazines including
the the DEN Trinity site show it with the light colored maple grips
I had on the Artillery.
are serial numbers stamped on the bottom of the handle. I was led to
believe that only 1000 of these are produced.

However, In ARMS magazine, it states 1200.  Perhaps
there are two versions made, the one with maple grips that are
limited to 1000 and the other to 1200? Kind of confusing since both
sources are solid but each one conflicts information with another.

Nevertheless, this one is # 430 out of either 1000 or 12000.
Whatever it may be, its not really that big deal to me anymore.

I was
expecting a very nice wood box with a metal decal, something with an
old Western motif. Instead, the gun comes inside a cheap wood box
with a sticker decal. Even the packing is junk, but I guess its
better than nothing. At least I have an excuse now to go look for
something nicer…
Argh!!  Couldn’t they at least make the packing nicer
than just cut-out AEG foam?!  No matter though, I need
something that will hold a few Peacemakers
Pictures of this gun dont do it any justice at all. 
Even the ARMS/Combat/Gun Digest/ect… magazines dont show the gun
to what it really looks like in person. The detail is absolutely
superb, top-notch!

I have
never seen an airsoft pistol come close to the finish of this piece.
It is very-very difficult to tell what is metal and what is plastic,
and just about impossible to tell the difference from just from
looking. I was considering going full-metal for this piece but it
really wouldn’t make a difference other than increased weight. 
I will work on another model  to be full metal since the
“regular” S.A.A .45’s have that awful seam line down the outer
is the best I can do as far as a close-up picture of the logo. Not a
single seam line on this gun. Its kind of hard to get a good angle
without reflecting too much light.

As a
matter of fact, if you hold this gun out in the light, it will
reflect it back from all different angles. The nickle finish is as
sharp as a mirror would be.

bad thing about the finish is how bad it looks when handled.
Fingerprints and smudges all over… You’ll be wiping this thing
down constantly.
Is it
worth the extra $60.00 over the standard Civilian? Well, just to let
you know, the finish of the silver S.A.A .45 is not the same as this
one and you dont get the cheapo-box with AEG foam <lol>

seriously, this is a collectors item, so if thats what your after,
then yes its worth it. The regular silver models have more of a
yellowish tint to it, but also nice looking. The seam line it has
can easily be remedied with a metal body kit.

silver is not your thing, and you dont feel like investing in a
metal body, then you might want to consider the “midnight-blue”
version. The finish of that model is also a real treat. It may be a
bit prone to scratching, but as an alternative collectors piece,
well worth it, and much cheaper too
more thing about the Civilian, if you are looking for a S.A.A .45 to
skirmish with, then I would recommend either the Artillery or
inch barrel)

Revolvers with inner barrels under 5 inches have nowhere near the
power/accuracy of its bigger brothers
(A very
visually noticeable difference
will still outpower a standard GBB, but not with the same

Update: Changed the grips to Black
modifications were neccessary, a simple swap. These grips are
brand, a very nice manufacturer for quality aftermarket grips. They
stock a wide assortment of various styles & color, available for
most pistols. Give them a try at:

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