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H&K G3SG1 Review 2

by Arnie



(akaThe General)

(stock fps may vary)
Length: 1040mm
Weight: 3.2
Kg (heavy)



500 rounds

70 Round (Standard

The G3 SG1 is a derivative version of the G3 made by H&K. Its main purpose
is as a highly accurate full auto capable weapon, for use as a spotter’s gun
or for a sharpshooter within a squad. It chambers the 7.62x51mm round and its
distinguishing features are a bipod and a rubber cheek rest mounted on the stock
with a rubber back plate for comfort.

Tokyo Marui has produced in my mind an excellent replica of the real gun. The
first noticeable thing you find upon first opening the box is how big the gun
is. It is huge! In your hands, it really feels solid just as a gun should, and
it weighs a hefty 3.2kg, put a scope mount and scope on as well and you’re looking
at 5 kg, which is not far off the real weight of the SG1 (I really do feel for
those soldiers lugging this weapon about). The TM SG1 is pretty much perfect
in replicating the dimensions of the gun reaching an overall length of 1.040mm,
sporting an inner barrel length of 470mm, 2cm longer than the real steel gun.

The gun comes with all
the gubbins you should expect with any Tokyo Marui AEG: manual, standard mag,
cleaning rod and BB charger and a miniscule amount of .25g BBs. There is also
an adhesive strip, which is there to replace the temporary smaller strips that
are already holding the cheek piece down. Just yank it off (it takes some effort)
and replace the smaller strips with the longer one. After this is on you’ll
have a hard job getting the cheek piece back off, so make sure you want it left
on the gun.

and Features
The SG1 has the ‘SEF’ trigger group and the
big selector switch to choose from Safe, Semi and Full Auto fire. The trigger
guard is very big and allows for room for wearing gloves in wintertime. My first
little complaint about this gun is the proportion of it. It must have been made
for those people born with giant hands. I thought had big hands, but my fingers
fail to reach the mag release lever or button from holding the grip. Although,
as I am told, it is meant to be used with your 2nd hand, which I found a bit
strange after using the M16A2, where I could just reach with my finger to the
mag release with the same firing hand. The grip itself is nicely moulded and
your hand fits snugly onto it, and gives a good firm grip on the gun. The receiver
has no manufacture trademarks or specifications like most other AEGs, although
this is true to the real gun. The receiver is a matt grey, with a darker metallic
grey stock connector and a black stock, which is a bit different to the all
black real steel gun, but I think it looks quite good this way. The bipod on
the gun fits nicely into the grooved foregrip when folded away, and with a slide
of a notch found on each leg, you can pull the bipod into its down position.
Some people find it annoying for skirmishing as it can become loose and cause
your hands to slip on the foregrip. I think the bipod is poorly designed but
it can be quite useful when your skirmishing and want to rest the gun down and
lay down some accurate fire.

First thing that you need to fire is a battery, slide the butt plate down and
pull off to access the inside of the stock, where there is room for a large
type battery to go. I myself use an 8.4v 2500mah, which lasts for a days skirmishing,
and then some more. I don’t recommend you use anything other than a 8.4v battery
while the gun is stock, as a lower voltage and the ROF will be slowed to a crawl,
any higher and there’s a chance of stripping the gears inside the gearbox of
the gun. The SG1 has an eg700 motor, which sustains a good ROF of around 700-800rds
per minute, which is greater than the real guns 600-700. The SG1 features a
good hop-up system that is found by pulling back the functioning cocking lever,
which opens the ejector port, where you can twiddle with the dial to adjust
the amount of hop-up on the BB. The SG1 has a good range of about 40m, which
is not bad for a stock gun. The long barrel provides good accuracy, easily being
able to hit a man sized target at the guns maximum range. Putting the gun on
Full Auto churns out a good ROF; although not as good as the newer eg1000 and
eg1100 motors, it is still good. With a higher mah battery such as the 2500
I use, the ROF increases to something near that of an eg1000 motor (don’t ask
me how, but the mah of a battery also has an affect on the ROF of an AEG).

The first essential buy is
a HiCap magazine, which holds a generous 500rds, ideal for skirmishing, and
all I need are two to hold out for most games within a skirmish (a great way
to dispense a lot of ammo though!). Another essential is a sling; you really
need one if you plan on lugging this around all day, it can really give you
back ache having to hold it every moment, so a sling is a useful purchase to
spread out some of the load. I use a 3-9x40mm scope on my SG1 and use the Marui
G3 Claw Mount. It looks the part and the SG1 really doesn’t look the same without
one, but it isn’t really 100% useful in a skirmish situation, and the claw mount
is attached to the gun at an angle so it puts the scope off centre quite bit.
Quite annoying really, it’s the claw mount design, and some people have had
the same problem, yet others seem fine.

Overall, I really like the SG1, it’s a great assault/sharpshooter/support weapon,
it really depends on how you want to make it, this just goes to show how versatile
it is. It makes a very good woodland skirmish weapon in my opinion, one of the
best I’ve had the pleasure of owning. It has hi capacity HiCaps, room for upgrades,
plenty of accessories and looks lovely. Go buy one!

Written by A
(aka The

Feel free to Email me at
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– It’s a lean mean fighting machine!


– A little body squeak


-Good ROF and range

for Money

– You get what you pay for


– My favorite AEG, great for woodland

SG1 has been upgraded

read how to do this yourself

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