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Smokey’s Gunworks Armalite Flip up Front Site

by Arnie

Gunworks M4/16 Flip up Front Site
Smokey’s Gunworks


(aka Nautilus)

Model Smokey’s
Gunworks Flip up Front Site for M16A1/2 or M4 series
RRP 8800


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Manufacturer: Smokey’s Gunworks
Smokey’s Gunworks Flip up Front Site for M16A1/2 or M4 series
RRP: 8800 yen.

How can you make
the best gun in Japan better?

Well according
to young Fred by giving it a front sight, and, before you can say
“Conceited Bloomin Yorkshireman” here we have the
old Smokey’s flip up sight.

I always wanted
to retain a totally tactically purposeful feel to my Knight’s – to
keep it in line with the gun it is based on – and that had initially
called for the removal of the old triangular front sight to mount
the silencer. However, trial and error has shown that relying on the
back up iron sights on the ACOG copy is a pretty second rate way of
aiming in the closer game. So, having bitten the bullet and decided
to fit a front sight I was presented with only a few options.

First, and cheapest,
was to buy another Marui flip up rear sight to machine into
shape. Not all that hard, but it just did not appeal. Second was the
flip ups, but as they
retail at over 20,000 yen each for front and rear that was well out.
Third we had the G+G rail/barrel/ replacement system which
First were trotting out at a reasonable price, not cheap, but
reasonable. But it was then that Fred dropped this Smokey‘s
job under my nose. Not all that cheap at 8800 yen but, all metal construction,
adjustable and it folds.

Though here we
hit one of the snags. Though it technically will fit to any A1/A2/M4
front end, it is really designed to be used with the First
Short Piece or Barrel
, which adds another 4000 yen to the price tag. However, as
this piece effectively comes out into a standard thread (thus dooming
my thoughts of some SOG silencer action at the outset), it makes attaching
a wealth of suppressors or 3rd party barrel extensions a shade easier.

Sight folded down and up

Easily adjustable
left/right and up/down the sight is pretty basic, but does not look
out of place at all because of its black (well dark grey/brown) finish.
I’ve seen one mounted to a Bushmaster combo (on an A2 base),
which looked the hounds, and on any M4/SR16 which has pretensions
of being an urban sniper type, it looks like it was born to the job
(not that I am biased or anything).

No point in scaling
this one as it is clearly a Ronseal job. ^_^



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