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SWAT deluxe bag

by Arnie

RRP £49.99
Retailer Wolf
Size 38×12
(50×12 extended)

Deluxe Bag
by Charlie Omega

Deluxe Bag
Normally I have a shotgun hardcase for my
gun.. and I do mean gun, it can at best fit one full size AEG in there
with 2 mags and a handgun if you’re lucky.. and to be honest I was
quite fed up with this.

I often take the
train to skirmish’es.. so I had been looking for a soft case for a
while. If Iwas on the train on my way to a skirmish then I would usually
carry the rifle hardcase + 1 bagpack with a bin liner covering the
smg sticking out from top.. one sports bag with mask / ammo / bb’s
etc inside. Now most of it can fit into one bag !

Saw the news story
on Arnie’sAirsoft
and decided to pay Wolf a visit.. and picked up a SWAT Deluxe bag
from them for £49.99 , and the word that comes to mind is WOW
! I was packing it just now to see how much stuff it could fit and
still be “carriable” on the train and so forth.

means everything!
Dimensions = 38 x 12 : for normal
sized AEG’s with extended portion length wise = 50 x 12 : suitable
for APS, M16A2, G3 and the other slightly longer guns.

1 x large section
(can fit more then one full size AEG if you have something to pad
it with, in my case I used DPM’s)
1 x half size section (should fit any SMG)

Front :
2 x half sized pockets (suitable size for most mags / ammo)
2 x Large pockets should fit ammo / gas + tools without any problem.

Back :
1 x Large flat pocket (suitable for cash/documents etc)

a gander..
This is a pic of the Bag
FULLY LOADED with more then enough stuff for a days skirmishing which :

Doesnt look that big
at all does it ?

Now have a look what
was inside :-)

I must
say I am more then pleased with this purchase, it was quite worth the 50
pounds. This bag can also be carried as a backpack or by the side as a normal
rifle case hence making it very versatile. The extension part is made out
of waterproof material so you can extend your bag and have it covered /
water proof as well.

To summarise
I would say it is a good buy especially for the price it’s being sold at.





(Cant fit my V-force mask but almost everything else I would
need for a skirimish)

review : UPDATE
have had a lot of emails asking me if I knew anywhere that people
could buy these bags since WOLF dont seem to be getting, or have any
for a while and when they do come in, sell out fast.

Well, I can now
inform you guys, the readers of Arnies that Guarder
have come up trumps with another product. The M2000 Pro Gun Bag is
a very similiar gun bag to the one reviewed here and the build quality
even surpasses the SWAT one.

I am not sure
which one came first but can gladly inform you guys that this bag
is very similiar and has the same features as the one above!

have a few in stock, or then you could always give
a HK distributor (WGC/DEN)
a go.

Happy Shopping



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