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Marui BB Loading Tool review

by Arnie

TM BB Loading Tool review
By Cyberman

Features 115 BB Capacity.
RRP unknown


Introduction With the introduction of the SIG552 on to the market, Tokyo Marui decided to give us a new method of loading standard magazines.

This was new BB loading tool was a device shaped like a pistol magazine, and utilised a type of pump action to feed the BB’s into the magazine.

Luckily for us, a short time later they released this loading tool as a product in its own right.

Background Having used the standard loading tube, and hated it, I have invested in an electric loader. It did not take too many times of all the BB’s flying out of the loading tube and taunting me as they rolled over the floor to realise this way of loading standard magazines was not ideal!

Now the electric loader is brilliant, but it does have its downsides. Firstly you need batteries, ok so that’s not a product flaw but I defy you not to start cursing when the batteries are flat, the magazines lay empty and the next skirmish starts in a few minutes. Secondly, it is not always easy to see if the BB’s are feeding into the magazine, and how many have been loaded.

It was when I got some G&P mid-cap magazines that I started feeling slightly uneasy about the electric loader. After going through the process to bed in the magazines I still did not always feel confident that the magazine was fully loaded. And after emptying them a couple of times I realised that they were only partially full and that the angle the loader is presented to the magazine at is crucial for correct loading to take place.

Therefore, when I saw this new Marui loading tool on the market I got one to try out.

Is it Any Good? The tool is relatively easy to load with BB’s, although a small funnel certainly makes life easier, but is definitely easier to load than a loading rod.

The specifications say that it will hold 115 BB’s, and having just loaded it and emptied twice, I had 114 BB’s in my hand each time. Initially I suspected over enthusiastic advertising blurb, but then I realised that one BB was still in the nozzle of the loader, held in place by the seal which stops them simply falling out.

The loading action is simple, release the plunger and then pump it whilst the nozzle in place on the magazine. For each ‘plunge’ four BB’s are loaded into the magazine.

I have tried the loader on standard M16, G36 magazines, TM type shotgun shells and most importantly perhaps G&P mid-cap M16magazines. In each, and every case the magazine was loaded easily every time with no accidental BB release and no uncertainty on whether the magazine was being correctly loaded.

The opaque construction of the device aids with loading as it allows the use to see and confirm that BB’s are being loaded into the magazine.

When magazine loading is finished the plunger can be locked into the down position allowing the loading tool to fit into most, if not all, standard pistol magazine pockets. This means that this tool can then double as a means to easily and conveniently carry spare BB’s into a game.

This picture shows the comparison with a KSC G19 magazine. Therefore, it can be seen that the tool is relatively small and therefore easy to carry.

This use appealed to me as I have been trying to find a good way to carry some spare BB’s. Whilst the various fake grenades and plastic bottles are fine they did not fit easily into any of the pockets on my tac-vest, this did.

Conclusion I would heartily recommend this to anyone who uses standard magazines, mid-caps or shotgun shells. It is an easy to use and convenient tool that for the £8 that I paid seems like a good deal.

For users of mid-caps I would recommend possibly trying this over an electric loader. In many ways, I think this item is at least as useful as an electric loader for a fraction of the cost.

Quality 9/10 – It seems solid enough, but only time will tell how the mechanism stands up to repeated usage.

Value For Money 10/10 – Does what is designed to at a very reasonable cost, ideal for those on a budget who want to get away from loading rods.

Available From? I got mine from Airsoft Dynamics, but have also seen them on WGC and other retailers.

Written by Cyberman

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Friday, August 6, 2004 5:50 PM
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