Systema Miscellaneous Parts:


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Here you'll find the parts that don't fit under any other catagory.

Systema Miscellaneous
Serial Number
Product Name
ZS-07-01 Hop Bucking All hop-up versions All season hop bucking.
ZS-07-02 Shim Set All models Easy identification standard shims.
ZS-07-03 Accelerating Shim Set All models ABS shims for extra light noise.
ZS-07-04 Torque Wrench All models Need this to open up the gear box.
(just get one at Ace Hardware :)
ZS-07-05 Cylinder Grease All models Smoothes the inner surface of the cylinder for higher speed.
ZS-07-06 Gear Grease All models Smooth gear function grease (don't think it's worth the money)
ZS-07-07 Supporting Bush XM177E2, M-653 Supports the chamber and reinforces the front portion.
ZS-07-20 Supporting Outter Barrel M16A2 M16A2 Reinforces the front portion and solves the "barrel wobble" problem on the M16A2.
ZS-07-08 Sleeve G3A3, A4, SG1, MC51 Power regulation for the G3 series.
ZS-07-09 Cut-off Lever ver. 2 Mech box ver. 2 Die cast with hardened chrome treated surface.
ZS-07-10 Spring Set Mech box ver. 2&3 All misc springs used in the mech box, in case of lost.
ZS-07-11 Anti-reversal Latch Mech box ver. 2&3 Much safer when used with high power springs, made of high strength SCM435 steel. Spring included.
ZS-07-12 Selector Plate, M16 M16A1, VN, A2, XM177E2, CAR15 Lesser circuit resistance, more durable.
ZS-07-13 Selector Plate, MP5 MP5A4, A5, SD5, SD6 Lesser circuit resistance, more durable.
ZS-07-14 Selector Plate, G3, MC51 G3A3, A4, SG1, MC51, HK51 Lesser circuit resistance, more durable.
ZS-07-15 Switch Assembly Ver. 2 M16A1, VN, A2, MP5A4, A5, SD5, SD6, G3A3, A4, MC51 Lesser circuit resistance, more durable.
ZS-07-16 Switch Assembly XM XM177E2, CAR15 Lesser circuit resistance, more durable.
ZS-07-19 Switch Device M16A1, VN, A2, MP5A4, SD5, G3A3, SG1, PSG-1 Lesser circuit resistance, more durable.