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by Arnie

This site does got a lot of email, and to be honest it can’t all physically be answered, as replies to emails generate more and more replies.

All is not lost however as a lot of questions can easily be answered without any response from us here. Please do note that sub-pages relating to this FAQ can be seen linked to the right. Please do click on those for a more in depth set of answers.

Lets cover a few of the more common issues:

I want to advertise or send you news! Please do, send your news submissions to news@arniesairsoft.co.uk and we’ll add it for you so long as the content conforms to requirements (in keeping with current website news postings and themes covering Airsoft, gaming, tactical kit and gear and events etc). If in doubt email us and we’ll get back to you any way.

When sending news submissions, please at a minimum send us:

  • Your website/corporate logo (if we don’t have it already)
  • Text for the announcement or news that we can reprint. Specs or more details on what you’re advertising or talking about may help for example.
  • Any relevant photos, but please don’t send huge images unless there a need. 1024x768px images are normally as physically large as needed.
  • Web links/URLs and relevant contact details

If you want to advertise commercially or go in to more depth about commercial help we can offer please read this page.

I can’t register, or the registration page doesn’t work! The number one cause for this is users trying to register with a yahoo.com or a yahoo.co.uk account. These accounts are blocked as Yahoo doesn’t accept emails form this site. Please use a different email address to register. Our advice would be to swing over to Gmail to sign up for a free email account to register. You can hook it in to your other email accounts quite easily.

I want to ask questions about kit or gear. That’s nice but we can’t answer all your questions, please use the forums and chat to like minded individuals who will help you out and chat to you. It’s not that we don’t want to help, but see note #1 about the fact that we just don’t have the time to reply to those sort of emails.

Where can I play or buy gear? The answer to this is easy, either check the links pages for retailers or sites near your location, or click the "Find It!" link in the navigation menu and check the Google Earth map for a resource near you.

I want to buy and order some stuff. We are really happy for you, but we don’t retail or sell anything. Check the line above and find a resource near you that can help.

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