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Element Airsoft UHP teaser

Element Airsoft have posted a teaser of a product on their Facebook page which looks a lot like a EX419 LA-5 UHP in camp:

Kydex Customs DE holster

Kydex Customs have a new holster out for the hand cannon that is the Desert Eagle:

Our Pro Series Desert Eagle Holsters have been designed from the ground up by us in-house and rigorously tested. The Pro Series Desert Eagle Holsters are confirmed to fit:

– WE (both normal and L6 Varients)
– Cybergun
– Tokyo Marui
– Guarder (Body Kit) Desert Eagles
– Real Steel IMI Desert Eagles

These holsters are made entirely in the UK from genuine 2mm (.08”) P1 Kydex, if applicable they are also wrapped in either 1000D or 500D Cordura Fabric.

Enhanced Opening for Easier Reholstering
Made of 2mm Thick Kydex
2 Points of Adjustable Retention
Accepts Suppressor Height Sights
Accepts Threaded Barrels

(Kydex Customs)

KSC Auto 9 HW re run

KSC have announced a re run of their Auto 9. No release date but it should be out again for order soon:

The re-production of ′′ Auto 9 heavy weight ′′ has been decided to re-production of ′′ Auto 9 heavy weight ′′ which has achieved the weighty and of the image with the recruitment of high-gravity material.The strongest load of the class is 38 Barrage Magazine, so you can enjoy the powerful full auto shooting by hw slide.Details of the release date, etc. Will be announced soon, so please stay tuned.[coming soon]● A937 M93r Auto 9 (HW)Body price ¥ 23,000 (excluding tax)● G010 M93r-AG 38 Ren MagazineBody price ¥ 4,000 (excluding tax)

KSC Corporation


APS have a couple of shots of their new PDWS and some specs and details on them:

F1 Firearms BDR-PDW / UDR-PDW

  • (BDR-PDW-B / Toys gun)
  • eSilver Edge SDU 2.0 / 5 Shooting Modes
  • F1 Firearms 7.7” S7M M-Lok Handguard
  • BDR-PDW by F1 Firearms BDR-15-3G Receiver
  • UDR-PDW by F1 Firearms UDR Receiver
  • F1 Firearms Ambi Airsoft Charging Handle
  • F1 Firearms BDR Ambi Fire Selector
  • Noveske KX3 Sound Blaster Muzzle (Adjustable)
  • R-Series Type 3 Stock (Just for sharing my hobby)

The Best Shooter Games on PC

Shooter games are among the most popular games for PCs. They are a subgenre of action video games where the player can test his or her skills, reflexes, quick thinking, and awareness against bot enemies, but also against real players from all around the world. As the name of the sub-genre suggests, the purpose of these games is to shoot opponents, proceed through missions, and fulfil various goals. 

Some research has proven that shooter games have some benefits. They can improve the sharpness of your eye, increase your focus, and better your reflexes. Since they are so talked about, we wanted to give you a small list of some of our top-rated shooter games that are interesting to try. They will bring you fun and excitement. Let’s check them out.

Online Concept Games

In the past couple of years, online gaming has been on the rise and reached massive popularity. Millions of players around the world visit casino sites each day as they look for entertainment. Online casinos are supplied with the best slot, card, and table games like roulette, which you can try out if you click over here. In the recent period, game providers started supplying online casinos with extremely fun concept games. 

One of those games is the shooter games, where you get yourself a weapon and shoot enemies. With each shot that you hit, you earn a small prize. The games have various enemies with various Hit Points and have different weapons that you can use. They are extremely fun and present you with a new type of gaming, which is why they are worth checking out. 

Call of Duty 

This list wouldn’t be legitimate if we didn’t include Call of Duty. The franchise is one of the best shooter game series ever made. Some legendary games here include Call of Duty: II, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops, etc. Each instalment has different storylines, but the one thing that is common for all is that they are extremely realistic and fantastic to play. Their latest instalment is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War


Another legendary name in the world of First-Person-Shooter games is the Battlefield franchise. Throughout the years, Battlefield games have been played by more than 50 million people around the world. The focus here is on vehicle warfare and teamwork. The first release by Battlefield was in 2002 – Battlefield 1942. Since then, the franchise released more than 15 games and 12 expansion packs, with the latest one being Battlefield V: Into the Jungle. 


Our final pick is the most popular shooter game ever made. For as long as we can remember, kids and adults spent hours on their PC playing Counter-Strike. Back in the day, the most popular release was Counter-Strike 1.6, but since then, the game has evolved and released many new instalments with better gameplay and advanced graphics. As of 2020, Counter-Strike has more than 20 million active players and all of them have nothing but praise for this game.

NITECORE P20i Flashlight video review

We love Nitecore products here and Beamer Philipines has a new video up of the P20i.

If you like his videos, check out the rest of his channel. While you’re at it, if anyone can recommend a torch that can be mounted on MOLLE and used whilst attached to armour send me an email!

Dytac’s SLR set for Umarex G19

Dytac have a rather nice new slide set coming for the Umarex G19 which is a licensed SLR Airsoftworks product. You can spot it at JKArmy’s website. It’s not out yet (due out in November at around 130USD) but there is a video of it out on the range being tested:

New from APS the Falkor Phantom

New from APS is the Falkor Defense Phantom with their SDU2.0 gearbox and custom parts (licensed from their original rifle here):

Not another AR pistol! You should notice that there are too many spec AR pistols flooding the market. Why making another one? Don’t be too quick to judge, There are new and improved ambidextrous controls in this Falkor “Phantom” AEG guns. We add an extended mag release paddle right out of the gate to your already ambi controls. We also use an new ambi 45 degree short throw selector for faster response time, iconic straight trigger gives you more customization options and improve your finger’s position on the trigger. Its trigger shoe is designed wider than regular trigger, thus giving you a greater tactile feel in pulling.

Use of e-Silver Edge Gear Box SDU2.0 A Super Dynamic Micro Chip Unit that works together with magnet gears set, reinforced piston, quick change spring guide and micro switch trigger that gives you instant trigger response when shooting. Simply pressing down the button underneath of the gear box, user can switch its fire selector modes (total 5 different modes). No external device or trigger control are needs, it is easy to program anytime and anywhere by the user.

Although the original Falkor Tango angled foregrip and Dragon scale handguard grips do not come with the package, you still able to buy them separately in the market. We are sure that this “Phantom” will get much more with this platform, out of the box, than with any of othe AR Pistol.


  • Ambi Matched Billet Upper/Lower Receiver
  • New Falkor Extended Mag Release (Ambidextrous)
  • New Falkor Short Throw Safety Selector (Ambidextrous)
  • Flared Magwell w/Magwell Grip
  • APS e-silver edge Gear Box SDU2.0
  • Barrel: 10.5-inch
  • 9 ” MLOK™ Transition Handguard
  • Iconic New Straight Trigger:
  • CRS Butt Stock
  • Dracos Ace Muzzle Brake
  • FALKOR MACH 15 Ambi-charging handle
  • FALKOR Tango Fore Grip (Not included, please purchase from aftermarket)
  • FALKOR Dragon Scales (Not included, please purchase from aftermarket)
  • Black, FDE color Offered


APS: XTP Auto video

APS have a new video and promo images for their XTP Auto pistol (extreme training pistol), check it out:



New from APS: EMG x FALKOR Defense BLITZ

58793329_2672849889452850_5733582324260405248_oAPS have a new Falkor licensed rifle out using their eSilver Edge Gearbox:

APS ·  Proud to announce the new EMG x FALKOR Defense BLITZ Compact rifle! This rifle will surly hit the SBR market!

Specification as follow:

  • eSilver Edge Gear Box
  • Ambi Matched Billet Upper/Lower Receiver
  • Ambidextrous Mirrored Bolt Release
  • Ambidextrous Mirrored Mag Release
  • Ambidextrous Mirrored Fire Selector
  • QuickSnap Dust Cover
  • Flared Magwell w/Magwell Grip
  • Barrel: 10.5-inch
  • 9.5” MLOK™ Transition Handguard
  • Retracable Butt Stock (CRS / RS-3)
  • Dracos Ace Muzzle Brake
  • FALKOR MACH 15 Ambi-charging handle
  • Ambi Short Throw Safety Selector


NPO: Shortened 9A-91

NPO have added a video showing their SSP kit for the 9A-91 AEG:

ShooterCombatGear: ShowGuns Kingsman Pistol Shotgun (KPS)

Shooter Combat Gear have a video and page up for the Showguns branded Kingsman replica. We all love a video, so have a lookey:

At 459USD it’s not cheap but the build looks good and for a prop replica that functions correctly it’s on par cost wise.

APS Speed Draw Holster, new video

APS have anew video out for their Speed Draw Holster, check it out:

G&G SMC9 seen at Prozi Shop

Prozi Shop have posted a video of the G&G SMC 9 on their Facebook page, their shop is based in Mong Kok.

New APS PER range in at Airsoft Tactical Division

Airsoft Tactical Division have the APS PER Mk VI and MK VII in stock now:

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