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Notice: On the 8th June 2005 the government unveiled their Violent Crime Reduction Bill (VCR Bill) which if passed in its current form will prohibit by law the trade/sale/import and manufacture of anything that looks like a firearm in the UK. The sport and hobby that we all enjoy now lies in severe jeopardy. Read more here


Random postings and more monthly round-ups and general natter every month. Be forwarned, it's not always Airsoft related. ;)

June 05 - Politics, I knew it'd get me in the end (the VCR Bill)
January '05 -I finally got a chance to get out and about
December '04 - Toys, shops.. and why won't that darned printer work?
November '04 -Not much as the run up to Christmas makes things busy here
October '04 - ASH Bash DVD, M2019 Blaster, Halloween, Batman Vs the World..
September '04 - Photography, EpicyclE and more...
August '04 - UKASC, shop updates and random movie trivia

Older updates, may not be Airsoft related:
April 04 - Equilibrium, an unexpected pleasure
March 04 - Film of the week
July 03 - Wierd food - Just don't even think of trying this stuff at home!
August 02 - He's really not from this planet..


Past news articles

All a bit odd really
TM's releases announced October 2004 - the latest from Japan.
News Articles (old) - old news articles from the previous website design.
New product:
SunProject 40mm Pistol Mount
New product: Maruzen MP5k Gas BlowBack

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Airsoft Articles

AirsoftGuide's NewbieGuide a complete guide to Airsoft for someone new to the scene written by AirsoftGuide

Newbie FAQ by DumboRAT

Designed mainly for newcomers to Airsoft by AirsoftGuide:
GunBuilder 1 - Play around with an M4 and various accessories
GunBuilder 2 - Build your own custom with parts from 3 different AEGs

Kuan Ju Works (KJW) - a brief synopsis for my UK brothers. by DumboRAT
FPS - including an online "fps calculation"
Airsoft BB Grenades: An Unfinished Story Part1 | Part2 by LT Mac
So you want an Airsoft M14? by LT Mac
A guide to Airsoft gases by Andy Chubb (
First Aid in Airsofting by Dangerous
Safety - USA specific recommendations by 21C
AirsoftCanada spring guide by Illusion
Western Arms Blowback magazine - volume 1
Classic Airsoft magazines - reprints of older Airsoft publications
Collected Wisdom by Section VI
Recommended overnight skirmish checklist by Section VI
Ammunition FAQ
DumboRAT’s GasPrimer FAQ, May 2002
Laser Safety
FPS, Distance and Time - 0.20 vs 0.25 by Zinger 084


Interviews and Reports

Sanko Sannomiya – 1st October 2001 by Darren-Jon Ashmore
First Factory Visit 2001
by Darren-Jon Ashmore
Arms Survival Camp in Summer (ASCS) 2001 by Darren-Jon Ashmore
March '02, RAF Sopley - The Boys are Back! - by DolphiN#1
Taipei Target Airsoft Military Exhibition 2002 by Roy Lin (aka Ronin_Roy)
Interview with Tomio Matsumoto of Shoei by Pat Ohta with special thanks to Sam “Gordak” Johnson
Airsoft Brazil - Airsoft in Brazil a reality? by Chuck Link (aka “clinkman”, Team OpForce)
An interview with the guys at AD (Jan '04) by Mike of Team TWATS
An interview with the guys at AD (Jan '05) by Mike of Team TWATS


Technical Articles

Disassembly And Upgrade Guide For The APS-2 SV v0.01 by Mu|Dv|Ay|Ne

TM Mechbox Disassembly Guides ( Normal view | Compact View )
These have been put up with the kind permission of the author skyfire
Systema Upgrade Guide ( Normal view | Framed View )
These have been put up with the kind permission of the author skyfire

Building a custom P90 battery (translated from the original by Jeremy Kao)
KSC Glock 19 Upgrade Guide by Guts80

The following articles are kindly provided by 21st Century Airsoft.

Battery Guide
Barrel Lengths
Cylinder Guide
Electrical Formulas
Gearbox Types
Hand Signals
General Maintenance Tips
Motor Guide
Shim Guide
Spring Guide

TM HK G3SG1 Upgrade details
TM HK G3SG1 Gearbox takedown / repair guide
TM AK 47 Systema FTK Fitting Guide
AEG Upgrades/Maintenance by Scott (Section VI)

A guide to fitting metal slides to the WA SV series by Matthew Dean
Blowback Pistol Cleaning by Scott (Section VI)
Guide to Batteries and Chargers for AEG's by Sarah Frazer
Airsoft Canada Spring Comparison Chart
by Realbriguy @ AirsoftCanada
Biodegradable BBs tested by Daniel Hazlehurst (D.E.D. USA)




PDI M24 Manual

AEG manuals also include stripdown photos where available

Tokyo Marui
TM G3/A3/A4 Manual
TM G3SG1 Profile sheet
TM AUG Civilian
TM Thompson M1A1
TM H&K MP5 A4/A5
TM Colt SR16

Western Arms parts lists
These manuals are archived using GZ compression in PDF format (may require Japanese language addon for Acrobat)

Click here to get Acrobat Click here to get WinZip

WA Beretta M1934
WA Beretta M8045 Cougar F
WA Beretta M84FS Cheetah
WA Beretta M92FS
WA Colt Government
WA Beretta M92FS Elite 1A
WA Beretta M92FS Elite 2
WA Para Ordnance
WA SV Championship Ctm
WA SV Championship Sp
WA SVF 3.9
WA SV Limited Edition

MP5 Series

Classic Army
CA 33E
CA 36C
CA M15 series
CA MP5NT (navy type)

AEG Technical Manuals

Reproduced with the kind permission of AirsoftPlayers

TM M16A2 Technical Manual
TM MP5 A4/A5 Technical Manual
TM AK47 / 47s Technical Manual
TM G3 A3/A4 Technical Manual
TM M3 Benelli Technical Manual
TM SIG Technical Manual
TM PSG1 Technical Manual
TM P90 Technical Manual
TM M4A1 Technical Manual
TM Famas Technical Manual
TM AUG Technical Manual
TM MP5k Technical Manual


Misc Documents

Lyn Haywood 18th August 1936 - 29th July 2001 by Matthew Dean
Airsoft cartoon: U.P.Grade - Skirmish King
Arnie's Airsoft Wallpaper
April 1st 2001 "How to execute a convincing April Fool's Joke"



Two Gunning by Herman Mok (aka DolphiN#1)
General Advice on playing with standard mags written by Andrew Dodwell (aka Dude)
Basic Fieldcraft guides by James “EDDIE182” Knight (PDF format 1Mb)

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